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My Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan story

I was a student in NUI Galway at the same time as Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. Back then, he was known as Ming the Merciless and was a militant pro-cannabis activist, well known to the Gardai (or “the Shades” as they are known in Galway.)

One day the guards stopped Ming in a car and found a tiny bit of hash on him. He was fined £50 which he refused to pay. He was told he had a week to pay the fine or he’d be sent to prison. A week later Ming marches down to the cop shop with a bunch of supporters in tow. He walks up to the desk ready to be handcuffed, a martyr to the cause if ever there was one. The Desk Sergeant says, ah Luke, did you not hear? Your dad was in during the week. He paid the fine for you. You’re free to go.

Adults 1. Stoners 0.

(I told this story before in the comments on another website, but worth repeating on the day that’s in it. Congratulations Ming, on what looks now like a very well deserved victory!)

February 26th, 2011.

19 Responses to “My Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan story”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hahahah.. this is hilarious!!

  2. Roisin Says:

    He got my number one yesterday! Girl from Castlerea, Roscommon here! Some party tonight.

  3. Roisin Says:

    Also want to add you’ll see a different take on your story if you watch his 2007 documentary. He went to Castlerea prison for 2 months on hash possession. So his nephew beside me is saying.

  4. Eoin Says:

    I’ve seen it Roisin – I think two different incidents. Also I think the prison he was sent to was in Cavan/Monaghan area.

  5. Roisin Says:

    My bad!

  6. Eoin Says:

    Not at all. Have a good one in Castlerea tonight! :)

  7. Garret Says:

    I was known to share a dube with Ming myself in the day. Great guy and I hope he bangs a few heads together in the Dail Eirean.

  8. Eoin Says:

    @ Garrett – Someone how don’t envision Ming banging heads together, but I could see him blowing a few minds.

    P.S. This blog post now has more hits than Dylan Haskins got first preference votes!

  9. Bobby Says:

    You always have my no. 1 Butler…

  10. Header's Poertry Says:

    The desk sergeant indeed.that story was made up come on now dont be a dick.the long and the short of it is this coalition will lead young men to suicide through dole cuts and attacks on free edauction.my lovely country,
    this blog,i only type e myself.
    Pearse this ones for you-my brother-(dont do a broadsheet.ie and not print this)

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Bobby – My Ming story will be standing at the next election in the Carlow/Kilkenny constituency.

    @ Header’s Poertry aka Dan – That’s about 3,000 words shorter than your average comment. I’ve included your link, perhaps only because I haven’t it yet.

  12. chiggs Says:

    Bill Hicks had it right:

  13. Rehearrsed Typo Says:


  14. Eoin Says:

    @ Rehearrsed Typo/Dan – I’ve seen them now, they’re only pop songs. I was expecting something so outrageous I’d have to take it down or face prison. Hope you’re keepin well.

    @ “Chiggs” – Is that what they’re calling you in England?

  15. chiggs Says:

    The English don’t have the wit to come up with a name like that Eoin. It’s courtesy of some of Mayo’s finest. Can lead to confusion with the brother though.

  16. Selena Says:

    Ming TD LOVE IT!!

  17. Eoin Says:


  18. Albinicus Says:

    I have a Ming story. He showed up at a rave in c/bar back in the day and suggested to a group of us to fill a pint glass half full with warm water, burn in enough for a toot and mix with ‘liscitine’ (that’s defo spelled wrong) which could be purchased in health food shops. Apparently ya get more *ahem* bang for your buck. Never tried it but always wondered. His innovative mind extends to all aspects of life. Viva la Ming

  19. kate Says:

    Somone called “Ming the Merciless” is now an MP in Ireland. Why doesn’t this surprise me…

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