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Ireland to Israel: “If any harm comes to any of our citizens, it will have the most serious consequences.”

irish army
Wow, Ireland is flexing it’s muscles on the international stage. Our Taoiseach is throwing his weight around, if you will. To observers in some quarters it could seem bizarre, comical even, that a nuclear-armed Middle Eastern superpower would be threatened in such a manner by a remote island nation whose armed forces consist of a man, a rife and a sheep dog.

Let’s not forget, however, that Israel has crossed this country once before in recent months. The Dubai assassinations in February were carried out by Israeli agents travelling on fake Irish passports. Well, Israel, there’s an old saying in Ireland… Actually, it’s a saying in Mayo, but it’s probably in Ireland too: Screw me once – shame on you. Screw me twice – no need for that at all. Screw me three times – fucks sake, I wouldn’t mind but you screwed me the previous two times as well. Screw me four times – (aside) Jaysus, I dunno what this fellas problem is. Screw me five times – minding my own business here, like. Screw me six time – it never rains but it pours, huh? Anyone fancy an auld pint? etc. etc.

So make nice, Israel. Do yourself a favour, huh? You don’t wanna wind up like our old friend Slovenia now, do you?

June 2nd, 2010.

13 Responses to “Ireland to Israel: “If any harm comes to any of our citizens, it will have the most serious consequences.””

  1. jax Says:

    We’ve got the FCA. We’ve got the IRA. And we’ve got the Christian Brothers. Chaaaaarge!

  2. raptureponies Says:

    After our eurovision failure, we’re going for the underdog approach?

  3. Eoin Says:

    I believe Cowen was going to use our continued Eurovision failure as part of his Braveheart-esque, eve of battle speech to the troops…

  4. massey Says:

    The Irish army – as relevant as a fart in a slatted house

  5. sean Says:

    They may take our lived but they will never take our EUROVISION!!!

  6. Stroke it Noel Says:

    Not a joke question does anyone what Jim Corr makes of it all?

  7. Eoin Says:

    Jesus I was about to visit his site and write a summary of Jim’s latest musings for you there Noel… The I had a bright idea. Do your fucking self! 🙂

  8. Stroke it Noel Says:

    Yeah sorry was beena lazy fucker there. FYI Jim doesn’t give a shit about murder of unarmed pacifists in intl waters, he’s more concerned with bigger questions. Like is the Israeli supreme court designed to trample on the cross.


    Follow the link its properly nuts.

  9. David Says:

    That is honestly one of the most nuts things I ever read. Jim is a legend.

  10. Colin Says:

    Jim Corr has been having a hard time of it lately, his opinions have been besmirched with false rumours. He’s never waxed bollix “on shape shifting reptilians, lizard people nor aliens, nor do I believe I have ever mentioned these subjects publicly”, apparantly.

    So not publicly, in private though, Jim?

    (All Jim Corr opinions are written by Jim Corr, are copyright of jimcorr.com and are not to be read and distributed by the sane. Jim Corr has attractive sisters.)

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Colin – Honestly, I don’t see how he can be embarrassed about the shape shifting reptiles thing (widely assumed, incidentally, to be anti-Semitic code) but still post that thing about the Israeli Supreme Courts (thanks Noel!) Jesus, the poor guy…

  12. Colin Says:

    @Eoin: Yeah, if you link and share the opinions of David Icke, you bring that level of ridicule. Reading his ramblings had me previously question what level he was at from one of yer posts (http://www.eoinbutler.com/home/jim-corr-knows-too-much/).

    He’s playing no limit crazy and he’s all in.

  13. Acey Says:

    Let’s stop exporting Guiness to them see how they like that, hmmmmmmmm…..

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