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“I’m not necessarily making the comparison, but don’t Page 3 models usually say the same thing…?”


    Moving house today, I found an old magazine under my bed containing an interview I’d forgotten ever conducting. She was in costume when we did the interview… And yeah, I copped a peek. Read the rest of this article here.

    September 26th, 2009.

    3 Responses to ““I’m not necessarily making the comparison, but don’t Page 3 models usually say the same thing…?””

    1. Dread Says:

      Whadya see?

    2. Colin Says:

      (Drunken rant incoming)

      I’m guessing he at least saw the clear punch landed on Bernard Dunne’s jaw by Poonsawat Kratingdaengym that rattled his entire body and knocked him down. Unlike Jimmy Macgee and Dave “Boy” McAuley, the RTE boxing commentators, they were an embarassing joke.

      McAuley couldn’t understand why Dunne was on the ground. “Was there a punch ? Did they knock heads ? Why’s he on the ground?” Macgee makes Ali phantom punch comment. Dunne gets up bleeding, shook and in BIG trouble. McAuley still wondering what just happened then decides after Dunne throws a few random punches “He’s looking good here”, cue Poonsawat immediately knocking Bernard down again. Then a third time and he’s out.

      Shambolic embarassment.
      (Drunken rant over)

      She certainly runs with the whole female empowerment line in the interview. “Burlesque is all about the trimmings, the sets, the costumes, the storyline. It’s about feeling sexy, but also showing the personality behind it.”

      …. aye, I’m sure porn stars say the same.

    3. Eoin Says:

      Not sure how Bernard Dunne came into this. Didn’t see the main fight as I was out, but saw the warm up bout. It was pretty cringeworthy the way Jimmy Magee kept saying that Tyson Fury had so much potential to be successful in America because he’s tall, he’s strong and best of all he’s white.

      Seriously, he didn’t just say it once. He said it about five times!

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