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Can anyone guess what I do for a living?

In a time when there was no internet, no DVDs, no television, no amplified music. Would I have paid to see a French man fart in a theatre. Yeah, fuck it. Why the hell not?

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Your Mother Should Know (1967)

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This is Funny

Last rites
I’m sorry to disappoint you, Mrs Brown, but the last rites are just prayers and a cracker. You’re thinking of the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Competition time!

Oscar-nominated British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLY and Irish gardening legend GERRY DALY have teamed up to launch their own chain of 24-hour convenience stores across Britain and Ireland. But first they want YOU to come up with a snappy name for their new venture. “Keira and I have been racking our brains,” admitted a frustrated Gerry. “Ideally, we’re looking for something that (a) cashes in on our celebrity names and (b) also reminds customers about our late, late opening hours.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Not Your Typical Boy

Light entertainment from the Television Personalities


July 17

look i am not joking..will some nice young lady please be my new girlfriend…
i am desperate for comfort.. i am good in the kitchen ,quite tidy
…not particularly a monster in the trouser stakes..
but i do pen the occasional good tune……(please no freaks
…i am willing and capable to be gay but riGht now i would like a LADDDDDDEEEEEEE……X

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The Fantastic Mr Dahl

Came across this article (and this one) yesterday morning. I met Roald Dahl once when I was a child. He was doing a book signing in Kenny’s bookshop in Galway and my parents brought us along. You had to buy a book if you wanted to meet him. I bought the only book by him in the shop that I’d hadn’t read already: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Read the rest of this entry »

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The whirr of the bank machine is my accountant. If I hear it, I’m solvent. If I don’t, I’m not.

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Signing off now…

Enjoy the weekend. I’m away. This song will be playing on constant rotation in my head until you hear from me again!

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A Concise Anthology of Deadly Advertising Slogans

i'm lovin it
Marketing has been with us in one guise or another for over two thousand years. In fact, it’s often reckoned to be the world’s eighth oldest profession. (Some wags have commented on its remarkable resemblance to the thirteenth oldest; research marketing. That’s a fair point.) But for all that it has done for the betterment of mankind, there remain those who look upon this profession with distain.

For proof, look no further than the books of Naomi Klein, the comedy of Bill Hicks, the paranoid ramblings of Thom Yorke or any of the host of other more up-to-date pop culture references I will no doubt have come up by the time this article goes to print… Read the rest of this article here.

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The Greatest (2006)

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