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Tripping Along The Ledge

barry egan

Move over Barry Egan, there’s a new sheriff in town

leigh arnold
Went along to The Panti Show with my sister tonight. Ingénue that I am, I’d never actually been to a drag performance before. It really is a bizarre form of entertainment. The girls come out and lip-sync along in perfect time to pop songs (which probably aren’t that difficult to get down), but also to four or five minute audio movie clips from films, television and even chat shows (which must be absolute torture.) Read the rest of this entry »

Competition time!

Oscar-nominated British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLY and Irish gardening legend GERRY DALY have teamed up to launch their own chain of 24-hour convenience stores across Britain and Ireland. But first they want YOU to come up with a snappy name for their new venture. “Keira and I have been racking our brains,” admitted a frustrated Gerry. “Ideally, we’re looking for something that (a) cashes in on our celebrity names and (b) also reminds customers about our late, late opening hours.” Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, he’s a petulant one alright!

declan o'rourke
When I first heard DECLAN O’ROURKE’s ‘It’s a Big, Bad Beautiful World’, it seemed as though the singer had somehow smashed open my skull, extracted my inimitable brand of jaded romanticism and physically pounded it into song format. So when tickets for ‘An Evening With Declan O’Rourke’ went on sale then, I was naturally first in the queue brandishing a Kalashnikov rifle. Read the rest of this entry »