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Tripping Along The Ledge

brief history of time


Last time we did this competition, I really had just stumbled upon an image that morning by chance. This time, however, the picture has already been doing the rounds on the internet in the last few days. So if you’ve seen it already, you’re barred from entering.

First person to correctly guess who the groom in the above wedding snap is – or to offer a funnier incorrect answer – wins a very special, possibly non-existent prize. I’ll redact all correct answers until lunchtime, with the correct answer being announced at around 2pm-ish. Also, I’m on Newstalk with Tom Dunne from about half nine till ten o’clock tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, so if you know the answer please don’t post it while I’m on the air.

UPDATED: Congratulations to Adrian for correctly identifying our mystery celebrity as Independent Cllr. Luke “Ming” Flanagan. Your prize seems to have gotten lost in the mail, Adrian, but sure it’s the taking part that counts.

Incidentally, readers may remember our mystery celebrity from such films as… Part1Part2Part3 etc.