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The single biggest ‘Inception’ plot hole as I see it…

As previously mentioned here, I saw Christopher Nolan’s Inception during the week (in a professional capacity) and wasn’t impressed. The film is being hyped as a rare ‘intelligent’ action film, but as far as I’m concerned, for every highfalutin concept the audience is asked to get it’s head around, there are at least ten precepts of basic common sense it must studiously ignore.

How does one person get into another person’s dreams? With a piece of wire. Of course, how ingenious! The Slumberland A-Team don’t wake up when their people carrier is careering through densely packed city streets and being riddled with bullets. But drop one of them backwards into a bath and – BAM! – they’re back in the land of the living. It just makes sense!

But even taken on its own terms, which I am really loathe to do (as I find the entire sci-fi/fantasy genre cringe-some in the extreme), there seem to me to be a couple of major plot holes. And this, to my mind, is the biggest… WARNING: ***MASSIVE SPOILERS*** Read the rest of this entry »

Summer blockbuster movies: it’s not them, it’s me

I happened to catch a preview screening of Christopher Nolan’s Inception last night. Now I’ll admit, I’ve never really been a fan of the action/sci-fi genre. So asking me for a completely unbiased opinion about the film would be like asking a vegetarian for an honest appraisal of a steak dinner. But even making allowance for any prejudices I may have, this film really is an awful pile of horse manure. Read the rest of this entry »


An amnesiac walked into a bar and says… Read the rest of this entry »