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This is funny

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog – Star Wars Nerds
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In honour of Comic-Con, which gets underway in San Diego today, here’s maybe the funniest ten minutes of television I’ve ever seen. “Here’s a spoiler… you will die alone.” I’m not a big fan of science fiction myself. But I have had some fun at it’s expense it in recent years…

Who will watch The Watchmen? No, seriously.
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.
Q&A with Pat Mills, the ‘Godfather of British comic books’

They said ‘That guy’s pretty geeky. Let’s get him.’

Bridesmaids took in $24m at the American box office last weekend, making it producer Judd Apatow’s highest opening film since Step Brothers in 2008. On of the film’s stars, Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, celebrated with a very funny Conan appearance. After the jump, an interview I did with him in late 2008, at the outset of his film career. Read the rest of this entry »

Norm MacDonald gets fired (1998)

It is said that Edith Piaf could sing the phone book and it would be beautiful. Well, Norm MacDonald could read the phone book and it would be funny. Here’s a 1998 Letterman appearance, the day he was fired from Saturday Night Live.

No one knows for sure why SNL fired Norm. The executive he mentioned here, Don Ohlmeyer, was a friend of O.J. Simpson. So Norm’s relentless pillorying of the former sports star may have had something to do with it.

After the jump, happier times. Two all-time classic Norm moments from 1997 and 2010… Read the rest of this entry »

This is funny

Forget this year’s boring Oscars, one of my all time favourite awards show moments is this clip of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert presenting an award at the Emmys, circa 2006. Requires no intro really. Also that year’s host Conan O’Brien did an intro bit that was pretty fuppin’ hilarious.

Norm MacDonald on Conan O’Brien (1997)

His new show, entitled simply Conan, débuts on TBS in the States in November. But for my all time favourite O’Brien moment, you’d have to go back to the Late Show in 1997, and this appearance by Norm MacDonald, in which the comedian hilariously sabotages O’Brien’s interview with Courtney Thorne-Smith, one of the then-stars of Melrose Place. Whatever you do, make sure to watch the whole way through to the very end. Read the rest of this entry »

St. Patrick’s Day in Chinatown

I’ve been waiting all year to post this. One of my favourite ever bits from Late Night With Conan O’Brien. I promise, this is my last Conan-related clip for at least six months. Oh go on then sure, I suppose, one more won’t hurt… Read the rest of this entry »

No, nay, never… freckle-boy

Andy and Conan
In the late 1990s Amy Poehler was a sketch regular on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, playing sidekick Andy Richter’s little sister Stacy. The genius of this bit was that it basically recycled the same routine over and over again, but somehow never stopped being funny. Read the rest of this entry »


As previously mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Conan O’Brien and am, therefore, hugely disappointed to see that he’s been given the elbow after only seven months presenting The Tonight Show. Not to worry, he’ll be back. In the meantime, here he is at his best. Interviewing the world’s leading bread expert.


Turned on the television tonight (well, after someone texted me) to see one of my all time comedy heroes (see here, here and here) sitting down for a friendly chin wag with a man who ritually humiliated me on national television when I was ten years (definitely see here.)

There was an element of cognitive dissonance to it, I suppose. It was like walking in to your local to find Stephen Malkmus jamming onstage with Aslan. Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve said it before, Norm + Conan = Comedy Gold