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Tripping Along The Ledge

croke park

Listen up, Professor Oppenheimer…

john hayes
Our deceased forefathers have had enough to contend with lately. We will not have Livin’ La Vida Loca in Croke Park! Read the rest of this article here.

Published: Evening Herald, March 2007

The Celt

Talbot Street, Dublin 1

the celt
The New York Times this week reported that the Irish and English peoples may actually comprise – whisper it – one ethnic group. Professor Stephen Oppenheimer of the University of Oxford believes that the countries’ Celtic and Anglo-Saxon identities are a myth, and that the inhabitants of both islands are descended from Spanish hunters, who settled here 16,000 years ago.

Oh yeah? Well, let me tell you something, Professor Flop-enheimer. Our deceased forefathers have had enough to contend with lately.* We will not have Livin’ La Vida Loca in Croke Park! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s the same old song

Jesus, that was one miserable afternoon in Croke Park. Cork ran out easy winners over Mayo, by a score of 1-17 to 0-12. As I said on Twitter earlier, I’m thinking of switching allegiance to a less hopeless cause. A Boholla Olympic bid maybe?

CROKE PARK, OCTOBER 10 2009, 9.42pm

st ledger
For about 120 seconds there, it looked like I might just have picked the wrong week to quit drinking… Here’s some match analysis from Gazzetta della Sport: Read the rest of this entry »




family-foreverYeah, right. If he was my son, I’d give him to the tinkers… Tomorrow sees Mayo take on Meath in the last of the football quarter finals in Croke Park. The tickets are purchased, the jersey is washed and, in time honoured tradition, the expectations are set to “boundlessly optimistic”. Read the rest of this entry »

Published: Irish Times, October 18, 2008


mr-tayto-2This week, I’ve been inveigled into writing on the topic ‘Food Memories of the 1980s’. It’s kind of a tall order, given that I was only a small boy during that decade. It was all a blur of penny sweets and Subbuteo as far as I can recall .

Go on, they said. There must be a few special Eighties food memories that stick out… Well, there was that time Duran Duran dropped by my house and we ate Rice Krispie Buns and played Space Invaders together.

Really, they gasped? No, of course not, you idiots. Read the rest of this entry »