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Tripping Along The Ledge

dawson street

To celebrate my goal I kissed the team badge…

Well, technically speaking, in my excitement I kissed the name of the shirt sponsor: Sylvester Ganley – Plumbing and Heating Specialist… But I think I made my point. Read the rest of this article here.


marco-pierre-whiteJust completed a long, stormy interview with Marco Pierre White – the “original bad boy chef”™ – for the Irish Times. The interview was conducted in his new restaurant on Dawson Street and, at one point, I really thought he was going to tell me to get the fuck out. (This man once stormed out of a Radio Times interview, for Christ’s sake.)

White is a combative character, but I thought I gave as good as I got. I asked him, for example, why chefs were allowed more latitude to be pricks than hairdressers or landscape gardiners? Anyway, when the interview was over, he stood up, shook my hand and (I have this on tape by the way!) said…. Read the rest of this entry »

Published: Evening Herald, January 2010


25 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Dearbhla & Sean - GUESS fashion show September  2007
“Daniel O’Donnell goes to funerals,” announces Aidan, out of the blue. Before my brain has had time to transmit a warning signal to my mouth, I respond. Huh? “Seriously man,” he says. “Daniel O’Donnell reads the death notices. Turns up to the funeral homes. Presses the flesh. Like a politician does.” Read the rest of this entry »