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Tripping Along The Ledge

elvis costello

Your unsolicited late night Elvis Costello double bill

There’s A Story In Your Voice
Both of these tracks are relatively obscure Costello collaborations; the first with Burt Bachrach from the Painted From Memory album (1998), the second with Lucinda Williams from The Delivery Man (2004.) They’re very different songs and, yet, they’re both (to borrow another Costello line) “either side of the same town.”

Rainy Night in Soho (1985)

There’s another cool version of this song by Nick Cave here. Either way, fuck it, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In Dreams (1987)

One of the oddest and most beautiful songs ever written. Look out for Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and T-Bone Burnett backing Orbison on this 1987 live recording.


There aren’t too many songs that make me cry every time I hear them. Of course, then again, there aren’t many songs I only listen to when I’m paralytic drunk…

IN DREAMS (1987)