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Tripping Along The Ledge

evening heraldf

They talk about cycling. They talk about swimming. They talk about baking.

Hot tub invitations are rarely proffered. But you know me. Where there is breeze, I’ll shoot it. Where there is fat, I’ll chew it. Read the rest of this article here.

Published: Evening Herald, March 2010

T.P. Smiths

10 Jervis Street, Dublin 1

tp smiths
T.P. Smiths on Saturday is where you end up when you thought you wanted to shop, but it turned out all you wanted was a pint of beer and a chicken fajita. It’s airy and comfortable and there’s football on the telly. Sure where else would you be?

If straight men and gay women have one thing in common, I think, it’s that we both detest shopping. (Well, no. If straight men and gay women have one thing is common, it’s something else entirely. But if we have a second thing in common…) Read the rest of this entry »