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Tripping Along The Ledge

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wedliftTwo good friends of mine, who I’m very fond of, were married recently. (That’s not them in the picture, by the way – but it does, I think, convey something of the occasion.) At any rate, the groom emailed me a few weeks later looking for my new postal address. He and his wife, he said, wanted to thank me for my generous gift. No bother, I told him. They were very welcome. Read the rest of this entry »


Not sure why I find this so funny. Maybe it’s because, with most clangers, you understand what the person intended to say, even if came out a little garbled. In this instance though, I have no earthly idea of what was this man could possibly have been trying to say. Even Will Ferrell would have trouble delivering lines this absurd.

During a routine back-and-forth with his local weather guy last night, veteran New York news anchor Ernie Anastos observed (bizarrely) that, “It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick.” Read the rest of this entry »