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my top 10 most popular stories of 2010

#10 Student Hack Bites Back (April 15th)
Funny story this. Student hack writes extremely flattering, but also totally made up, profile of me for student magazine. I publish said profile here, replete with sarcastic comments from myself and various associates. There is much rejoicing. Months later, student hack drops us a line protesting cruel treatment. I offer him right of reply. The rest is… acrimony. Read the rest of this entry »

Glenn Greenwald reads my blog

Look, I could try to contrive some clever ruse by which to casually drop this into the conversation. But we’d be here until Christmas. So I’ll come right out and say it. Glenn Greenwald linked to my blog yesterday. As T.S. Elliot once said, In your face, motherfuckers. Oh and Evan Dando? Consider yourself well and truly gazumped…

Gimme Shelter

afghanistan girl
The phrase ‘fog of war’ has a double meaning. Ostensibly, it refers to the confusion that reigns among combatants on the ground in the heat of battle. Errors are made, lives lost or advantages squandered as a result of commanders miscalculating the strengths and weaknesses of their own position relative to that of the enemy.

But the expression can also refer to the manner in which events in war sometimes escape scrutiny from the outside world: whether through rising plumes of dust and smoke, a lack of proximity to the battlefield, the lethargy or obsequiousness of the media or the indifference of the general public. Read the rest of this entry »