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miscellaneous amusing items i’ve come across

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I Come Across #43

Sorry, I’m obsessed with these stupid headlines. I’ve got a problem. I admit it. (Although now that I think of it, this one does call to mind a rather amusing interview I conducted last year.)

Miscellaneous Significant Items I Come Across #42

full house
Fantastic news. My scoop about the woman had to piss in a bath has made the front page of this week’s Full House magazine. Thank you for all your good wishes. The phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. (No, I’m not interested in selling the film rights.) It was a story that deserved to be told.

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I Come Across #41

necessary partying
Next time the neighbours bang on your wall at 3am, try shouting “Sorry Mrs Murphy, but this is necessary partying!”

Gimme a D! Gimme a P! Gimme an R! Gimme a K!

Fuck the rest of you, I’ve got my colours out and I’m nailing them to the mast of the world’s funkiest Stalinist basket case totalitarian dictatorship.

Remove the Stone of Shame! Attach the Stone of Triumph!*

*It’s a Stonecutters/Chosen One joke. Ah, forget it… On a totally unrelated note, some American kid films his mother’s reaction to the latest American Idol finale. Wow, is all I can say.

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Comes Across #33

Do not drop the floss
My sister’s girlfriend found these in her cupboard today. Read it the whole way through. Someone is having fun at the Ten Thousand Use The Dish Cloth people’s expense. Read the rest of this entry »

The Aristocrats!


Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #31

Provided they meet certain criteria, obviously… Read the rest of this entry »

Ronan Keating (hearts) Your Granny

Holy crap! There’s pandering and there’s pandering… Cool your boots Keating, you look like you’re about to slip her the tongue! Now look, I know the goody-two-shoes dollar is your dollar. And its a good dollar. I’m not knocking you for doing your job. But in the name of God, man, have some self-respect! Even Daniel O’Donnell would tell you this was overkill…

Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #30

unpretentious simplicity
Recent status update from someone I’m friends with on Facebook (who I sincerely hope doesn’t read this blog!) Well it gave me a good old chuckle anyway…