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Tripping Along The Ledge

the kinks




Babysitting my three month old niece Lola today. We went for a walk to Kilmainham Hospital and sat down and I sang her songs from my iPhone. Her favourites? Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, The Kinks’ Lola (obviously, although if she grows up to be a promiscuous, transvestite man I may have to accept some of the responsibility), Danny Kaye’s Inchworm, and the Velvet Underground’s I’m Sticking With You.

She absolutely hates Kanye West and cried every time I put him on. But her favourite song by a country mile (as I was later to discover)? Read the rest of this entry »


photo-51My niece Lola was born the same day Michael Jackson died. I’m still secretly hoping that, by some cosmic accident, she may have inherited some of MJ’s singing and dancing abilities. So far, though, there’s little to suggest that she has. She naps a lot. Tends to shit herself on a fairly routine basis. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our accidents. But this girl shits herself, like, ten times a day. It’s embarrassing.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that babies don’t really fall within my area of expertise. In fact, before Lola was born, the number of babies in my circle of acquaintances was zilch. (Nothing against babies, we just tend to have different interests.) But over the past month I’ve been spending quite a bit of time around this one. Studying her M.O. Seeing what makes her tick. After the jump: the Shocking Baby Expose Every Adult Must Read. Read the rest of this entry »