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Tripping Along The Ledge

the shelbourne hotel

No wait, I’m pretty sure I can crawl my way out of this…

“She’s still seeing that guy with the Land Rover?” “Yup!” Read the rest of this article here.


‘Probably the Smallest Pub in Dublin’, boasts the Carlsberg sign outside The Dawson Lounge.

Dublin pubs are places where men can go to drown sorrows and nurse grievances. So it is only right that its smallest pub should this afternoon be the venue for two of the city’s pettiest citizens to air their shallowest grievances.

“Arjen Robben,” I announce, out of the blue.

“What about him?” asks Aidan.

“If I had an identical bald twin, I think that’s who it would be.”

Aidan doesn’t give a shit.

“No way is this the smallest pub in Dublin,” he says, shaking his head in disgust. “I’ve been in way smaller places. Way smaller! What a fucking con…” Read the rest of this article here.

Published: Evening Herald, December 2007


Shelbourne Hotel, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

Baaam! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s Friday night and I’m chilling in Ireland’s most exclusive bar. Finally, it somehow feels like I’m amongst my own kind. Before I order a drink though, I’ve got a few old scores to settle. I press the mobile phone to my ear. It’s ringing. Read the rest of this entry »