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Student hack (belatedly) bites back!


I can’t help noticing that Eoin Butler has billed this piece as some sort of revenge or competition between myself and himself with his title “Student hack bites back”. I am saying from the outset that I have no intention of “biting back.”

Looking back now, I wish I had chosen to interview someone a bit safer than Eoin for this article. The bottom line is that I thought Mongrel was a hilarious magazine and decided it would be cool to interview one of their writers for this assignment I had.

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Nothing Came Out (2001)

Really beautiful track from a band that, in retrospect, I might have been kinder to in this 2002 album review for The Slate… Read the rest of this entry »

Student hack bites back!

If there’s one thing this blog is fond of doing, it’s recycling old material. And the hardiest of hardy perennials in that respect is this wildly inaccurate perhaps-not-entirely-definitive profile of me written, in 2005, by a young student journalist from DCU. No matter how many times I post it, it never fails to raise a chuckle. But now the hapless anonymous author has stepped forward to answer his critics. Read the rest of this entry »

“Meanwhile, government ministers and members of the Health Service Executive were locked in crisis talks, and had to be rescued by the fire brigade…”


Published: Evening Herald, January 2010


South William Street, Dublin 2

It’s Saturday night in South William and my almost-long-lost school friend Gerry the Bonnet is offering crash course reminder of why we drifted apart in the first place.

Suffering mother, how had I forgotten? He’s the most boring man in Ireland. Christ, you could drive a bus through some of the gaps in those sentences.

“I told the girlfriend… Tracy…. Tracy is the girlfriend,” he drones.

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