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Tripping Along The Ledge

the void

Let’s light a fire, girl. Pour some wine. Lay your body down next to mine. We’ll bump and grind the whole night through.

And then I’ll take your purse and maybe steal your car keys too. Yee-haw!

They don’t stand on ceremony in this house? For shame.

Urgh. Posting this today mainly because (a) it was requested by regular reader Gueuleton and (b) I’m about to go on holidays tomorrow and haven’t time to write anything new. I should mention that this was published quite a few years ago now and that I don’t necessarily stand over one single word of it today. Except the bits that are funny, obviously. Read the rest of this entry »

No To Racism In The Workplace Week

Renegade TV weatherman MARTIN KING and reclusive IRA wordsmith P. O’NEILL teamed up in the Burlington Hotel this week for the launch of No To Racism In The Workplace Week 2006. Once again this year volunteers from around the country are being asked to refrain from being racist at work for one week, with all proceeds going to the National Children’s Hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, he’s a petulant one alright!

declan o'rourke
When I first heard DECLAN O’ROURKE’s ‘It’s a Big, Bad Beautiful World’, it seemed as though the singer had somehow smashed open my skull, extracted my inimitable brand of jaded romanticism and physically pounded it into song format. So when tickets for ‘An Evening With Declan O’Rourke’ went on sale then, I was naturally first in the queue brandishing a Kalashnikov rifle. Read the rest of this entry »