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thierry henry

So France are out of the World Cup…

* Actually, I’m not really that bitter about November. If anything, it’d have been more entertaining if they could have remained in the competition. But I do love this picture. Ha, the only way I could like it more would be if I’d punched him in the face myself!

Unusual competition prizes #1: Grope Thierry Henry’s testicles

As the man said, if you’re not in, you can’t indecently assault a famous footballer.

You’re not a clever man, are you Mr Larkin?

poor otis dead and gone
Gotta don my Snopes cap and call bullshit on this one, I’m afraid. This story has done the rounds of virtually all the bulletin boards today. It’s funny, it involves someone pissing in SuperValu and it casts a Roscommon person in the role of national idiot. Of course, I’d fucking love if it were true. But upon cursory examination, it’s hard to see how anyone ever fell for it. Read the rest of this entry »


The Guardian’s weekly football photoshop mash-up The Gallery is in today. No prizes for guessing what topic they’re covering…


On Saturday, I turned down the chance to participate in a football vs. X Factor debate on Newtalk’s Weekend Blend. (Ireland’s World Cup qualifier in Croker that evening clashed with the popular television show.) I told the producers that I find the whole X Factor phenomenon so monumentally stupid, I wasn’t prepared to waste my breath even slagging it off. Just as well I did too, or I’d probably have been accused of intellectual snobbery by Sarah Carey in the Irish Times today. Read the rest of this entry »