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Tripping Along The Ledge


Where Europe Meets Asia (and some dude has parked his car…)

HHHS27 - ...some dude has parked his car.
We left Dublin (and Amsterdam) a couple of weeks ago, some old school friends and I, with a plan. Our mission was to cross the vast expanse of continental Europe to Istanbul, with railways as our only means of transportation. It was a pointless mission. It was an unoriginal mission. Hell, it wasn’t even a challenging mission in this day and age. But we refused to be cowed.

Two days ago, we crossed the shimmering Bosphorus and finally set foot on Asian soil. We were sunburnt. We weren’t all speaking to each other. And we’d actually done the final leg of the trip by airplane because of flooding in Bulgaria. But fuck it. We’d gotten crazy drunk and had a shitload of fun in about a million different countries. Read the rest of this entry »


1. Muslims riot in Athens, injuring fourteen, over the alleged defacing of a Koran by a Greek policeman.
2. Fundamentalist Sikhs shoot Sikh preacher dead in Viennese temple over alleged disrespect of their Holy Book.
3. Which in turn sparks massive riots in Punjab.
4. Come on people, religion isn’t about fussin’ and fightin’. It’s about gettin’ down…