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Tripping Along The Ledge


Are you there God? It’s me, Kaka

Look I’ve got to be honest here, folks. I’ve got football fever. I’ve got World Cup mania. Seriously, I’m laid up with a bad case of soccer conjunctivitis here. Whatever way you spin it, the fact is I’m writing this week’s column with my laptop perched on my knees, the television blaring and I’m not even going to pretend otherwi… THAT WAS A MILE OFFSIDE, REF. ARE YOU BLIND!? Read the rest of this entry »


I’m definitely, definitely getting tickets for Wimbledon next year. Roger Federer’s slow, merciless turning of the screws on Andy Ruddock in that epic final set was enormously entertaining. But even more fascinating was spotting the celebrities who’d turned up to watch.

Can anyone imagine the scene if Henry Kissinger, Woody Allen and Alex Ferguson (who were all in attendance) happened to bump into each other at the bar afterwards? Read the rest of this entry »