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Miscellaneous amusing items I come across #55

Ah jeez internet, what kind of heartless bastard do you take me for?

May 30th, 2011.

16 Responses to “Miscellaneous amusing items I come across #55”

  1. Naked Lunch Says:

    I hated Black Hole Sun but not that much

  2. Keith M. Says:

    Whats the German for schedenfreude ?

  3. jimbo Says:

    Eoin this is mis-leading, On follwing it up the man was in fact only technically homeless and had to do only a short spell of couch surfing , to be honest the general quality of this blog is falling and it is slowly turning into a bob dillon fansite, dillon isnt even technically that good if you look at the hit to miss ratio of his massive back catalogue , more of the witty stuff slagging stuff etc please

  4. Eoin Says:

    It’s a joke, you moron.

  5. massey Says:

    I’m not much of a Bob Dylan fan too and I think maybe there has been a bit too much about him here lately. But I’d say thats because it was Bob Dylans 70th birthday last week. So I doubt its slowly turning into a “bob dillon” fansite.

  6. Gill Says:

    Article says he’s totally broke and addicted to drugs. Sounds pretty homelessy to me.

  7. Stef Says:

    Technically thats I Can’t Believe Hes Not Homeless.

  8. Ger Says:

    After conducting a follow up investigation of my own I can reveal hes living on a barge.

  9. Stef Says:

    Sightings now reported at the international space station

  10. Eoin Says:

    But can space ever be truly considered “home”?

  11. albinicus Says:

    Man,I’d be pissed if I was Chris Cornell. You’d think they’d at least get a pic of the correct member. All bassists’ are homeless in their hearts

  12. Gill Says:

    @ Stef – Maybe he’s gone into the space station to get off drugs cold turkey??

  13. gueuleton Says:

    @ Jimbo – It’s a lesson I learned long ago. If you want reliable information on the former members of Soundgarden, look elsewhere. I’ve been burned too many times here…

  14. Eoin Says:

    @ Gueuleton – This is about the time I said Kim Thayil was the Unabomber, isn’t it? Can’t believe you’re bringing that up again. I had it on good authority!

  15. gueuleton Says:

    If your Soundgarden info is this unreliable, how are we supposed to trust what you tell us about this Bob Dillon chap? Does Bob Dillon even exist? Some fan site this is…

  16. Denise Says:

    I don’t think the quality of the blog has gone down so much. But you’re definitely updating less often than you used to do. Maybe I’m imaging that it but I think it used to be updated a few times a day. Are you bored of us Eoin? Don’t you love us anymore? *sobs*

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