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Tripping Along The Ledge



Eddie Goggins
When I was setting up this blog, I was told I had to have my own name as the URL. It was the only way people would remember it. But since there was something a little “1968 Comeback Special” about putting my own name on the masthead, I decided that a separate tagline was also in order.

The line I eventually chose (‘Tripping Along the Ledge’) was taken from Raglan Road by Patrick Kavanagh. But here for the first time, in an EoinButler.com exclusive, I can now reveal the five alternative contenders that came so close to scooping this prestigious honour.

1. EoinButler.com: Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Eoin Butler
This was suggested by a friend. He thought it was hilarious. I asked, what if people don’t realise its a joke? He replied, especially if people don’t realise its a joke!

2. “Your First Mistake… Was Saving My Life”
A line on a cartoon or something, which I thought was just the most badass dialogue I’ve ever heard. Luckily, I had the foresight to recognise that my blog postings would struggle to live up to it’s Blofeldian promise.

3. Grab Your Jacket, I’ll Explain on the Way
Another line from the television. However, the programme in question this time was Murder She Wrote, so Jessica Fletcher probably never said “Grab your jacket.” (Most likely, she said “Fetch your pinafore, Sheriff” or something like that.) The line is the very quintessence of that character, but that in itself didn’t necessarily make it right for my masthead.

4. Crazy Bitches
They’re everywhere. Fucking up our shit with gay abandon. But my blog is not the forum to tackle this troubling issue.

5. Down By The Botanic Gardens / My Shrub and I Did Meet
Not a tagline contender per se, but I once hummed this to myself while driving past the Botanic Gardens. I am a constant source of amusement to myself.

6. Is This Your Llama, Madam?
Okay, I’m just making up silly sentences at this point…

April 9th, 2009.


  1. AJ Moloney Says:

    Eoin Butler: Word Pimp.

  2. Baz Says:

    Eoin Butler: possible mental case, more like

  3. El Kid Says:

    Eoin butler: mental pimp….. fuck the haters

  4. Eoin Says:

    Eoin Butler: pleased to be here

  5. Mike Says:

    Eoin Butler: You rang m’lord?

  6. Eoin Says:

    What about… Eoin Butler: Jesus Mick, I thought you knew me better, and besides why weren’t you watching the football at that hour you bollocks?

    Or is that a little bit unwieldy?

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