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Tripping Along The Ledge



Beyond sustaining us, and (hopefully) not poisoning us, why does food matter?
I believe that the heart of every house is the kitchen. We all grow up at the kitchen table, with our family and with our friends. And I think that’s where the importance of food is born. Read the rest of this article.

September 23rd, 2009.


  1. Colin Says:

    Like the new photo. He is Marco, he has Italian style and strength. He is Pierre, he has French taste and class. He is White, indeed.

    Put them all together and you get a royal prick, in an expensive suit.

  2. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    Remember that butter ad:- “At the table, no one grows old” Feckin liars, I’ve seen photos.

  3. Eoin Says:

    Feckin hell JCL – I thought I was up late, what are you at?

  4. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    I woke so got up.I’m not up to a whole pile as you might be able to tell 😉 I was actually trying to figure out the chronology of that Strokes gig.Was CH in Dublin at that stage?

  5. Eoin Says:

    It was July or August 2001 – I remember cos New York City Cops ended up getting cut from the US edition of the album after September 11. And CH was definitely there, he and I came up on the Westport train that morning…

  6. Eoin Says:

    Also, if you want some real period detail, Julian Casablancas said to us, “Wow, you guys knew all the words to all the songs.”

    To which you replied, “Yeah, we downloaded them all off Napster.” The was an awkward pause for like five seconds, then you added, “But then we went out and bought the album.”

    To which he replied, “Album’s not out till September, dude…”

  7. JohnnyComeLately Says:

    Haha yeah, I dont think I was living in Wolf Tone St.at that stage so maybe June.Think of what Julian’s Micheal Jackson badge would be worth now.

  8. Conal Says:

    🙂 shite. just reading this now. glad to see i wasn’t embellishing to much.

  9. Conal Says:

    i should explain I was telling this story on the ‘no jacket required’ post before I read it here.

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