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Okay, this is how this competition works: The first person to correctly identify both of the young whippersnappers in the above photo – or to offer a better incorrect answer – wins a very special, possibly non-existent prize. I’ll redact all correct answers until lunchtime, with the correct answer being announced at around 2pm-ish. Oh, and neither – repeat neither – is Cllr. Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

[UPDATED: After some consideration, the judges have decided to award the prize money to Matt, for correctly identifying future Eighties icons George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. In second place were Philip and El Kid for guessing Robert DiNiro and Harvey Keitel (long story!) In third place, finally, were Philip (again), Matt (again), Peter81 and Paul who all guessed Melanie Griffith and/or Don Johnson.

Hard luck, meanwhile, to my friend Conal, currently working in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for guessing Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson at 2.48am GMT before the competition had even officially begun. Luckily, I was up late listening to The Pogues’ A Pair of Brown Eyes, so I cunningly changed his answer to Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley. (“While Ray and Philomena sang of my elusive dream…”)]

July 27th, 2009.


  1. fintan mezz Says:

    Jodie Foster on the left?

  2. fintan mezz Says:

    Well, Duh….

    Obviously on the left!

  3. Conal Says:

    Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley?

  4. Conal Says:

    Im freakishly good at this btw.

  5. Conal Says:

    Lynam on the left obviously.

  6. Markham Says:

    Yeah, Jodie Foster on the left. It follows that it’s Ryan Tubridy on the right.

  7. sean Says:

    Bruce Springsteen….?

  8. Philip Says:

    Is it to early to be a smug prick and say ******* ******* and *** *******?


    Good photo of the couple, but nothing as tastful at that playboy shoot: http://images.bugaga.ru/posts/1147299877_46a06711590761d58f397c09dbd5f2dd68038_06_lrg.jpg

  9. Paul Says:

    The Captain and Tennille? (The Captain on the right, I think).

  10. El Kid Says:

    You didn’t redact bruce springsteen – that mean its not him??

  11. Jenny Says:

    Much harder than the earlier ones. I’m going to be hugely original and say Jodie Foster and Bruce Springsteen.

  12. Brian Says:

    Nothing like a competition with a potential prize to get the comment count up.

  13. Eoin Says:

    @ Jenny – yes, photographed during the making of their hit Born to Taxi Drive

    @ Brian – the prize is very, very hypothetical

  14. Matt Says:

    Was one of them later part of a dapper crime fighting duo?

  15. Eoin Says:

    Yes, whenever “dapper crimes” were committed, he tended to be there.

  16. Jenny Says:

    Okay, I think I know who he is, but whose the woman?

  17. Baz Says:

    Cybill Shepherd??

  18. Eoin Says:

    Jodie Foster, Cybil Shepherd…. Jesus Christ, have you lads only ever seen one film from the Seventies!?

  19. Philip Says:

    The guy must be either Robert De Niro, Albert Brooks or Harvey Keitel. right?

  20. El Kid Says:

    Its Robert DeNiro and Harvey Kietel…. isn’t it?

  21. El Kid Says:


  22. Eoin Says:

    Any final guesses from anyone not on their lunchbreak?

  23. Matt Says:

    Its Wham isn’t it!!!

  24. Philip Says:

    I’m sticking with ******* ******* and *** ******* for sure, I’m surprised nobody else went for names that contain only single characters. weird.

  25. Peter81 Says:

    ******* *******….I had a bit of a thing for her growing up. Great body. She looks amazing in that picture too.

    Its all gone to botox now 🙁

  26. paul Says:

    ******* ********, *** *******

    boo to tha yakka sha

  27. Matt Says:

    I suppose you want my bank details so do you Butler?

  28. Eoin Says:

    @ Matt – no, the way it works is you transfer a small down payment into a Nigerian bank account. This then releases the full sum owing to you.

  29. sean Says:

    melanie griffiths and don johnson

  30. Eoin Says:

    Well done Sean, but a tad late I’m afraid.

  31. Colin Says:

    These are popular. Tell them you have a non-existent prize and they still don’t care. People just like bragging rights with competitions.

    Or guessing with something funny.

  32. Eoin Says:

    Just imagine if there actually was a prize…!

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