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Before they were famous: Sugababes

sugababes mk1
In one of their earliest incarnations, the Sugababes were a successful Sunday league football team with Archie Burnside the star turn at inside-right.
[NB: I’ve just posted an important public service announcement in the comments.]

January 17th, 2011.

7 Responses to “Before they were famous: Sugababes”

  1. GumballyAlley Says:

    Yawn…..Is this blog in receivership?

  2. Eoin Says:

    No, I got a new apartment and don’t have internet set up here yet. Main problem is that I applied to UPC and expected to be up and running before Christmas. Anyway, I rang them eventually this week and it turned out I’m not getting service cos I owe them €92 from abouut three years ago. I didn’t know UPC was a new name for NTL. I’m not paying them. I rang them three years ago to tell them I wanted to disconnect but they still charged me a load of money because I hadn’t informed them in writing. My friends are telling me now just to pay the fucking ninety two euros but this is like the clampers, it’s principle. I’m not doing it. I have a mobile internet connection my sister gave me but its kinda shite. I’ll decide what to do in a week or two and blog is definitely back fulltime then. Keep the faith (or if you know about the internet, come over here and fix it all up for me somehow. I’m willing to pay anyone, al Qada, fuck it, but I’m not paying UPC.)

  3. Cormac Says:

    I didn’t know UPC had a monopoly on the internet.

    You’d think some more companies would get into this internet provider craic, I’d say there’s still a few pound in it.

  4. Eoin Says:

    The other option is Smart but to do that I’d have to deal with Eircom first and our friend who is knowledgeable about these matters reckons it would be cheaper in the long run if I just paid the €92. But I refuse to pay the €92. It’s deadlock in other words.

  5. Andy Says:

    I used to have a lousy job in a mortgage centre and it was unbelievable how often this rubbish came up on credit searches, they always got the mortgage anyway. Hopefully you’re not taking out any loans anytime soon, but if you are this could hold things up.

  6. Ponyo Says:

    Eircom internet in my experience is lousy. Upc much better. Plus, no pirate bay on Eircom

  7. GumballyAlley Says:

    One of the last great stands…..I dont want to pay my bills…Gandhi didnt have shit on you Eoin.

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