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lobster_2Day 5 of my Portugese sojourn: still no sign of Jose (or Maddie). Above is a pic of me chilling out by the pool. I seem to have gotten a little bit sunburned. Who could have predicted that this would ever happen to a red-haired, fair-skinned, balding Irish man who scoffed at wearing sunblock in a really sunny country? Nostradamus maybe… In other news, my blog hits have (bizarrely) gone up during the time I’ve been away. Clearly, the public are responding well to there being less Eoin Butler on EoinButler.com. Sobering stuff.

Here, since my brain is too frizzled to think of anything else to post, are some… YouTube videos I’ve really, really wanted to post on my blog for ages but which I have so far been unable to track down…

Duke Ellington – Rhapsody in Blue
Eagles of Death Metal – San Berdoo Sunburn
The Tammys – Egyptian Shumba
Lil’ Wayne – 3 Peat (actually, this one is on YouTube already. But the videos I’ve seen have been waaay too lame to post.)

Vejo você depois!

May 9th, 2009.

2 Responses to “BUTLER ON THE ROCKS”

  1. Darragh Says:

    weezy’s flamin’ it up on electric guitars these days…badly. The old night nurse and 7up cocktail brain-rot has set in.

  2. Eoin Says:

    True Darragh, but then itºs kind of tradition for the best rappers to have appalling taste when it comes to rock music.

    cf. Outkastºs fondness for The Hives, Jay-Z´s love of Coldplay etc.

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