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Clicking along the ledge

my top 5 most popular stories of 2011

#5 David Norris would make a terrible, terrible president (June 10th)
Just because you like someone, and just because their election would generate positive press coverage for your country the world over, it does not make them that person a good – or even remotely suitable – candidate for high office. This blog was a fraction ahead of the curve on that one, I like to think. #4 ‘A schlub in an expensive suit is still a schlub’ (September 9th)
Sometimes freelance means dumb ass for hire. At your service.

#3 The anatomy of a Twitter gaffe (June 11th)
I went with this headline about a millisecond before every second article you read started being called ‘The Anatomy of…’ something or other. I’d actually just seen an exhibition of illustrations from The Anatomy of Melancholy. Perhaps all the other headline writers had seen it too. We may never know.

#2 The funniest thing I’ve ever seen (January 30th)
I’m still a (relatively) young man. But if I watch this one more time, there is a real possibility I will keel over and die laughing.

#1 The Lonesome Boatman (August 20th)
Very early one summer morning, myself, a photographer and an affable fisherman named Shane Murphy went on a gallivant off the coast of Kinsale. We didn’t catch much. We didn’t see much. We didn’t reach any profound conclusions. But it’s still my most clicked story of 2011.

December 21st, 2011.

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