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David Norris presidential campaign: photo-op latest

Shiney happy Norris
Say what you like about him, he is a man of many talents: Senator. Scholar. Indie-rocker.

November 24th, 2010.

2 Responses to “David Norris presidential campaign: photo-op latest”

  1. Brian Berry Says:

    David you are an amazing man. I have always been a huge fan and enjoy listening to you on radio or tv. I am a gay man and I know you are an inspiration to many gay men. Sometimes it’s hard for some gay men to see how they can fit into straight society. I have indeed felt that way myself. It’s one thing that many gay men miss out on, having a mentor to show how we can live a positive and very fulfilling life.
    I am 47 and accept that things have changed alot since I came out but we still need men like you to look up to and if anything to give us a little direction in living gay life .
    I love being a gay man, intact I would not change it. I am very creative, love my work and the freedom to express my talents in many different ways.
    I have been promoting you David for president. We need someone like you as an international representative for Ireland. We need you to promote our true talents abroad and try and repair the national and international damage that the neanditols we had as politicians caused in this country.

  2. David Norris would make a terrible, terrible president | Tripping Along The Ledge Says:

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