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Well okay… that might be a slight exaggeration. This is a stand-up comedy routine I performed at the International Comedy Club in Dublin earlier this month. It was filmed as part of a Vodafone marketing campaign, the point of which still kind of eludes me… but anyway. To paraphrase Blackadder, my routine starts badly, trails off a bit in the middle and the less said about the end the better. Incidentally, I should explain re: all the RTE references. Last year, the broadcaster Miles Dungan and I were invited to debate the merits of the television licence at the Political Discussion Society in NUI Galway. Being a lazy bollocks, I decided to recycle as much of that material as I could. In order to explain why virtually the entire opening two or three minutes of material are devoted to slagging off various RTE stars, I told the audience that I was a commissioning editor. This was obviously a complete lie.

Also re: the Henry Kissinger/Shane Lynch bit, those aren’t dramatic pauses – the woman who interrupts has thrown me and I’ve completely forgotten what I’m about to say.

December 22nd, 2009.


  1. Adrian Says:

    fair fucking dues, Butler.

    And I also heartily endorse this vodafone service or product.

  2. Pedro Says:

    Butler, I already had a vast amount of respect for you.
    But having witnessed that, I am in awe.
    There is no back-handed punchline / compliment on the way.
    Genuinely am impressed.

    Fair play Squire – Excellent stuff altogether.

  3. Dolly Says:

    Are you drunk??

  4. Colin Says:

    Laughs seemed louder at venue, especially for the Shane Lynch and Gaza bits. Vicar Street next I guess.

    (Dunne made the cut and all I got was the lousy back-of-head-shot.)

  5. DD Says:

    Sexy bald man. You are a.

  6. Eoin Says:

    Pete – you flatter me.

    Dolly – of course!

    DD – you know, your email address suggests you’re a man. Which is cool. I’m an ecumenical kind of guy.

  7. massey Says:

    @ lE Kid – LOL… Tough audience.

  8. anthony Says:

    credit to you butsy,you must have the balls to match that oversized head of yours

  9. ChrisNoise Says:

    I was there that night but had to leave early to catch a bus thus missing your set…Or did I? By the magic of digital editing I have been made to be look as though I’m laughing at one of your jokes 4mins11seconds in. I also look like a spa. The only reason I’m ok with this is because I actually did laugh at that joke right now after watching it.

  10. Colin Says:

    @ChrisNoise – Andrew Stanley actually talked about you on stage after you left. Cracked a few jokes about catching the bus and mentioned you were a regular. For a comedian to miss you must mean either you’re a great prop-up for laughter or a complete bastard heckler.

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Anto – thanks man (I think!)

    @ Chris – oh right, so does that mean the guy in the red shirt @ 4.11 wasn’t not-laughing at me either??

  12. albincus Says:

    coming to this late as my area of castlebar has no broadband so i spent xmas in dialup land..congrats eoin, not a trace of nervousness and great jokes..chrisnoise i know you! how’s things? that vodaphone site is the most navigation retarded site i’ve ever seen..i gave up even trying to figure it out..

  13. Paddy Says:

    Coming even late to this. I won’t embarrass you but that was fucking class. Hope to see you on a stage soon again.

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