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1. American evangelicals are taking on Hollywood at its own game. “C Me Dance” is the debut picture from faith-based production house Uplifting Entertainment (see trailer above). There’s certainly evidence of a faith-based approach to casting and scriptwriting. The dialogue at 0.50 sec is absolutely priceless.
2. In Saudi Arabia, 35 clerics have written to the country’s incoming Information Minister, demanding that “No Saudi women should appear on TV, no matter what the reason.”

3. An Italian court has jailed the Tunisian pilot responsible for an air crash that killed 16 people. When his plane ran out of fuel, Chefik Gharbi paused to pray instead of initiating emergency procedures. Boo!

4. Is Sarah Palin the new face of the Intergalactic Confederacy? The woman really is a gift that keeps on giving…

March 29th, 2009.

3 Responses to “FAITH ALIVE”

  1. Darragh Says:

    Holy shit I never knew religion could be so rad.

  2. Colin Says:

    Heh, excellent trailer, “It’s …. him” (Cue someone dropping leaves on actor’s head).

    But Kirk Cameron is the evangelical acting king. His movie Fireproof made $33m at cinemas alone in America.

    Fireproof Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5lSu6GkC2k

    Look him up for hilarious clips including the legendary “The Banana – The Atheist’s Nightmare”


  3. Colin Says:

    If it’s absolutely useless information, good chance I’ll know it.

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