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fatal redaction
An old acquaintance dropped us a line this evening. So should I trust this mystery lady? Or could it be a trap?

Date: Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:25 PM
Subject: A very decent proposal
To: eoinfbutler [at] gmail [dot] com

Hi Eoin,

It’s been a while.

I know you love putting my emails on your blog so maybe you would be able to promote something a little more worthwhile than my friends love-life.

Some friends and I are organising an event [Redacted’s anonymity possibly about to be compromised here but, feck it, that’s her choice… – EB] to relaunch the Tivoli Theatre as a live venue on October 30th. We have a couple of different bands lined up including Robotnik, Sleep Thieves and [continues in this vein for a while…]

If you do decide to give me the break I am so desperately plugging – I can stick your name on the guest list for the evening.

Who knows this might break the comments record again 😉


Before anyone gets annoyed because I refused to promote their gig/launch/club night/website/whatever, let me explain that [NAME REDACTED] and I go a little way back.

(There rest of the story – if you read down to the very last comments – is related here.)

So what’s anyone’s advice here? Should I play it safe, stay at home and watch the Wire? Or should I head along to where the Tivoli may or may not be relaunching as a live venue, and risk being bound and hogtied by a pair of crazed cyberstalkers thirsty for revenge?

P.S. The latter scenario is frankly unlikely, I will admit. But I’m trying to create the illusion of drama here.

P.P.S. Not sure there’s much prospect of our breaking the comments record. One of our best best men quite posting coments here earlier today in circumstances as yet unexplained. Come back soon Conal – it isn’t the same without you!

The full press release is here:

PRESS RELEASE: 19th October, 2009

The Destructors Manifesto – 30th October, Tivoli Live Venue

“Out of destruction comes creation.”

Following the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, there is a widespread disillusionment of the values and the belief systems created over the past decade. As Ireland attempts to shake free from the shackles of the economic recession, a new era has dawned: a time for new ideas, for individualism and for creation. Now, we must ask ourselves, where do we go from here?

The Destructors have been created from different opinions, from like-minded visions and from an urgency to create. They are artists who make their own rules and push boundaries. Taking place in the Tivoli Live Venue on the eve of Hallowe’en, The Destructor’s Manifesto will play host to artists, theatre performances, bands, DJs, filmmakers, photographers, graffiti artists, storytellers and more. The night will be a celebration of diverse artists coming together in one room.

Fresh from his appearance at Electric Picnic, Robotnik will make a special appearance on the night performing his ambitious and original Eighties synth-pop and thoroughly modern laptop lo-fi. State Magazine has said of Robotnic: “Nobody else could get away with what he does. It’s a surprise that he does not get the media coverage that he deserves and that he has not yet been picked up by a record label.”

Another recent Electric Picnic performer, Global, will be playing their own brand of Urban Funk on the night. Heavily influenced by bossa nova, jazz, blues, hip hop and funk, the bands eclectic sound has seen them perform all over Ireland. Meanwhile, Sleep Thieves, once referred to as “a breath of fresh air on the live music scene in Dublin” will also be adding their stunningly delicate synth-heavy electro rock to the unique mix performing at the Destructor’s Manifesto.

Limerick group Seneca, who are just back from touring the US, will kick off their Irish tour at The Destructor’s Manifesto. Since their formation in 2005, Senaca have been creating quite a stir on the Irish music scene, winning a multitude of competitions and have playing to packed venues with their exhilarating, melodic and energetic live shows. Bangers and Mash, a collective of DJs with a diverse tastes music that have previously played in Kennedy’s in Dublin, will also be performing on the night.

Founder of The Destructors Manifesto, artist Maria Roche, will be showcasing her debut collection of inspired self portraits and gothic art. Artist Sarah Sheil, who has exhibited in the Bunny Gunner Gallery, California, Revelations show in the Congregation Gallery, California, and the MF Gallery Brooklyn NY, will also be displaying her latest collection. While up and coming photographer Sinead Keane will have her collection of photography on display.

The Destructors Manifesto will also host some of Dublin’s finest young filmmakers. From Torpid, an interactive video installation presented on three screens, to The Last Minutes of Alan Winters, where the protagonist gets the chance to relive the last few minutes of his life to do something more poignant. Other innovative and experimental short films being shown on the night include Before I Die, The Top of the Stairs, Scarlett’s Bodies and Shadow.

A performance of The Boot’s on the Other Foot, a play encompassing post-Kantor theatrical minimal-art by Polish director Darek Skibiński, will kick off the evening’s proceedings, along with ghost stories, a graffiti wall with some of Dublin’s best known graffiti artists and a ghoulish midnight surprise.

The first event to take place in the Tivoli Live Venue since it’s relaunch, The Destructors Manifesto is a non-profit celebration of everything that is great about Irish culture and art today. All artists that are involved are doing so voluntarily, with the chance to exhibit with fellow artists, performers and creators who share the same passion for their art. The €10 fee covers costs only and.

Venue: Tivoli Live Venue

Date: Friday, 30th October

Doors: 7.30pm

Price: €10

October 19th, 2009.

33 Responses to “FATAL REDACTION”

  1. clare Says:

    looks like a decent project. Worst press release opening phrase ever.

  2. Paddy Says:

    Cut me a slice of that!

  3. maria Says:

    To be honest Eoin, not to scare you or anything, I drove by the Tivoli yesterday and there were bulldozers there and it was flattened to the ground. Also none of those are real bands. Read into that what you like.

  4. kim Says:

    A trap, I think the name of the festival gives it away… and its on Hallween eve!

    Though I’m sure you have your own personal bodyguards…

  5. kim Says:

    A trap, I think the name of the festival gives it away… and it’s on Halloween eve!

    Though I’m sure a very successful writer, like yourself, that has women throwing themselves at you from all directions (all the time), have already your own personal bodyguards…

  6. Chris Says:

    I actually believed that it might have been knocked down until I looked up the website and saw that events were still on.

    I’d go along. Best case scenario
    They could end up being lovely people who you have a lot in common with. Worst case scenario they knock you out put you in their trunk. Just make sure you know how to kick out a backlight and you’ll be fine.

  7. albinicus Says:

    they are real bands! maybe not great but most definitely real!

  8. Colin Says:

    If your only other choice is ‘The Wire’ (which you can watch at any time now), why not? Could be an interesting mix.

    “a ghoulish midnight surprise”
    Eoin Butler in a ‘Wicker Man’ finale. I’d pay 10 euro for that.

  9. Eoin Says:

    Apologies for delay in replying. Lola and I are watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air – the Reverend just tried to kiss Aunt Vivian, holy God.

    @ Paddy – ?

    @ Maria – now I’m scared

    @ Chris – that’s the dilemma in a nutshell

    @ albinicus – they are real of course, I actually interviewed Robotnik once I think

    @ Kim – that’s correct, they’re all female like Ghadafi’s!

  10. massey Says:

    Oh I’d say she’d break your comments record alright, butler!

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Massey – I don’t even know what that means but LOL!

  12. Paddy Says:

    @ Eoin – I was talking about the picture… nevermind!

  13. Lisa Says:

    It’s a non-issue because once you get into The Wire you won’t want to leave the house for anything. Anything. And you’ll find your conversation will be peppered with “true dat” and “aaaight”.

  14. Eoin Says:

    Can I tell you the truth Lisa? I’ve still only watched one and a half episodes of the Wire. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I just don’t watch television.

    Every time I turn it on and press play, I doze off within four or five minutes…

  15. Lisa Says:

    Hmmm. Stick with it for at least three or four episodes before making up your mind. My flatmates and I don’t even have a telly either but once we started watching The Wire on the laptop we were hooked. After some initial glee that we were going to be the ones to see through the hype and not get obsessed.

    O we of little faith.

  16. El Kid Says:

    Butler you’re a FOOL if you don’t like the Wire

  17. Eoin Says:

    Actually EK, you said last week that I’d love the Wire but I wouldn’t manage to stay off the drink. So you the FOOL, my friend…

  18. Eoin Says:

    Seriously though, I’m sure I will love the Wire, just haven’t given it a proper go yet…

  19. Lisa Says:

    I would like to add that you will lose all credibility as a cultural commentator if you haven’t seen The Wire in its entirety. We finished Season Five on Sunday and there has been a gaping in my life ever seen.

    While I have been trying to fill by trying to get everyone and their granny to watch it as well.

  20. Eoin Says:

    Lisa, I will trade you my credibility as a cultural commentator for a Snickers bar… Fair exchange is no robbery!

  21. Lisa Says:

    Throw in a can of Club Orange and you have a deal.

  22. Eoin Says:

    @ Lisa – a Snickers bar retails at about 80c. A can of Club Orange costs about €1. Therefore my credibility as a cultural commentator is worth minus 20c.

    Hmmm… You drive a hard bargain, but it’s a deal.

  23. massey Says:

    @ Butler – oh I’d say she’ll let you onto her guest list alright!!

  24. Eoin Says:

    @ Massey – well we could do this all day…

  25. Colin Says:

    Just been looking at that random ‘hot woman’ photo again. Few points:

    1)Is she supposed to be jumping backwards? John Woo slo-motion style perhaps

    2)If so, great job in heels.

    3)Is it me or does she look Iranian ?

  26. massey Says:

    @ Butler – oh she’ll let you post her email on your blog alright!!

  27. Eoin Says:

    @ Colin – no idea what’s going on in the picture. This is the image I originally wanted to use (wouldn’t let me for some reason)…


    Also, not sure about doing the hot Iranian girls thing any more. Check out the final comment here:


    It’s from an Iranian IP address. Guess who feels like a bit of a bollocks now…

  28. Colin Says:

    @Eoin – weird aspect ratio bitmap pic. Open it using whatever editor you use and save it as jpg. Might also need cropping or resizing depending on your site settings.

    As for the Hot Iranian Girl issue, Ati thanks you, it’s obvious that you support their cause and plight. The photos and comedy only help to make it more appealing to a broader base. Better job than mainstream media did, all it took for them to blow it off was Michael Jackson’s death. If they had focused on the issues of democracy and hot Iranian women, we’d all still be watching.

  29. Conal Says:

    Ah now Butler, you can quote the simpsons, seinfeld, the sopranos, watch the daily show, colbert, SNL, Conan, nationwide etc etc

    Just because something comes on a dvd or via the internet – media that granted are not technically broadcast TV – doesn’t make it not TV. If I record match of the day on a DVR, is it still TV? not exactly a philosophical riddle regarding human observation and the perception of reality, of course it’s still TV

    then again, saying “I don’t watch TV” kind of kills the conversation dead so you can avoid the “you’ve never seen the Wire?… wait YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE WIRE?!” while you stand there waiting for the other person to stop frothing at the mouth and pick themselves up off the floor

  30. Eoin Says:

    @ Colin – thanks man, I suppose when you put it like that I am a bit of a change-maker after all

    @ Conal – good to have you back. Actually last night I watched the rest of episode two of The Wire and all of episode three. In bed. On the laptop. But I take your point.

  31. trains in the wire.... Says:

    shouldnt you be a bit more careful writing stuff about your man of the husseins so,and why dont you get her ip address eb,she might be an alexa chung woman?are you missus,are you an ac woman?

  32. Eoin Says:

    I’m confused… her IP address would tell me if she looked like Alexa Chung or not?

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