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Fiddy or Gogarty?

A few people on one of the threads below (and on Twitter) were asking about table quiz questions from last night. Here (if this works) are the two visual rounds. Have a go at guessing if you like, the questions are at the end. The blurb missing from the Fiddy or Gogarty round reads:

This round is called FIDDY or GOGARTY. The following are ten tweets. Contestants have to guess whether they were written by rapper 50 Cent or Green party TD Paul Gogarty.

Table Quiz

P.S. I should acknowledge I got the idea for the ‘Celebrity’ round at the Flat Lake Festival table quiz.

P.P.S. Thanks a billion to everyone who turned up last night and raised a whole load of money for ReachOut.com

P.P.P.S. And, of course, to my friend Scally who did all the complicated technical stuff for me!

November 4th, 2010.

63 Responses to “Fiddy or Gogarty?”

  1. Eoin Says:

    Well, I gave it to you really, didn’t I? Btw oldest roofed structure is Newgrange!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Arragh should have known.

    How about the music round to finish things off so? (I am currently writing a PhD chapter on the cultural significance of Brian McFadden’s “Irish Son” re: clerical abuse. I wish I was joking.)

  3. Eoin Says:

    I told you you’d know it. Re: McFadden, that’s incredibly tragic.

    1. Who crowned himself the “new Sinatra” when he collaborated with Alicia Keys on one of the biggest the biggest chart hits of 2009?

    2. What is the Strange Fruit that hangs from the poplar tree in Billie Holiday famous 1939 song?

    3. The bawdy sing-along number, written and performed by Leonard Cohen, with backing vocals by Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, and produced by Phil Spector, is entitled Don’t Go Home With Your…. What?

    4. Which Saw Doctors song, celebrating the passing of an infatuation, was Ireland’s best-selling single of 1991?

    5. French born vocalist Victoria Legrand and Baltimore keyboardist Alex Scally are known collectively as what?

    6. Morrissey’s “Viva Hate”, Blur’s “Parklife” and the Cranberries “Everybody Else is Doing It, Why Can’t We?” were all produced by the same English record producer. What’s his name? (Clue: there’s one of them in Dublin)

    7. Name the English violinist who had his hotel room raided by German police last month after guests complained that heroin and cannabis were being smoked?

    8. The White Stripes’ 2002 music video Fell In Love With a Girl was voted the best of the decade by Pitchfork.com. Name the Frenchman who directed it?

    9. Which Mercury Prize-winning singer later posed naked (full frontal) for an adult magazine?

    10. In Bizet’s most famous opera, Carmen leaves the bullring, against the advice of her friends, to see Don Jose. What is the result of their meeting? (a) Don Jose kills Carmen in a jealous rage. (b) They are briefly reunited and she becomes pregnant with his child or (c) they hotwire a JCB and attempt to ram raid a petrol station ATM.

  4. Lisa Says:

    2. Dead people
    4. I ustda love her (or spelt something like that anyway. Incidentally did you know that Maniac 2000 by Mark McCabe is the 4th biggest selling single of all-time in Ireland?)
    7. Nigel Kennedy?
    10 (a)?

    It’s really really annoying me that I don’t know No. 6, especially since I was such a firm Blur advocate in the Blur vs Oasis standoff of summer 1995.

  5. Eoin Says:

    2 – well you could be more specific but okay.
    4, 7 & 10 – yes!

  6. Eoin Says:

    Also, 1 is pretty easy and 8 also directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  7. Lisa Says:

    2. dead black people?

  8. Lauren Says:

    Eoin, could you throw up the answers to the last round if you get a chance? I was outside when they were called out and didn’t hear them, and haven’t been able to sleep since with the not knowing.

  9. Eoin Says:

    Jaysus, you must be tormented altogether Lauren…


    1. Put these names in the order in which they had tabloid relationships with glamour model Katie Price: Alex Reid, Peter Andre, Dane Bowers, Dwight Yorke.

    2. The Ticket’s iPhone app has three main sections: Music, film and… what?

    3. What’s the only US state with only one syllable in its name?

    4. What Christian name is shared by the New Testament’s most prolific letter writer, and Germany’s recently deceased psychic octopus?

    5. The Battle of Midway in 1942 is notable for which military first? (a)Neither army came within sight of each other, (b) neither army suffered any casualties, or (c) neither side remembered to turn up?

    6. Which Irish singer did state pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy once claim to listen to while performing autopsies?

    7. Where is the oldest roofed structure in Ireland?

    8. The father of which famous outlaw was transported from Tipperary to Van Diemens Land in 1841 for stealing two pigs?

    9. In which Irish town, according to Christy Moore, would you find amhrans, bodhrans, amadans, Arab sheiks, Hindu Sikhs and Jesus freaks?

    10. What Dublin theatre is located at 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar?


    1. DB, DY, PA , AR

    2. Gaming

    3. Maine

    4. Paul

    5. (a) In the decisive naval battle of the Pacific campaign, neither the American or Japanese fleets came within sight of each other.

    6. Daniel O’Donnell

    7. Newgrange

    8. Ned Kelly

    9. Lisdoonvarna

    10. Project Arts Centre

  10. Ponyo Says:

    1. Jay-Z (he’s said this more than once, obviously in the hopes it’ll stick)

    2. Lynched black people

    3. Dont go home with your hard on

    4.I useta love her

    5. No notion

    6.Stephen Street

    7.No clue

    8.Michel Gondry

    9. I looked it up, still dont know who it is

    10. It’s C

  11. Eoin Says:

    Music answers…

    1. Jay Z (Empire State of Mind)

    2. Lynched African-Americans

    3. Hard-On

    4. I Useta Love Her

    5. Beach House

    6. Stephen Street

    7. Nigel Kennedy

    8. Michel Gondry

    9. Ian Ball of Gomez. He posed naked on the front cover of the December 2003 edition of For Women. The headline: “Bring It On – Gomez Singer Strips For You.”

    10. He Kills Her

  12. ponyo Says:

    I didn’t get Gomez when I looked it up, I turned back quickly though

  13. gueuleton Says:

    Re: Jay Z / Sinatra I think he was comparing Empire State of Mind New York, New York not trying to be the Michael Buble of hiphop.

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