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Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You? (1944)

This song was written in New York in 1929 and still sounds just as good today.

February 11th, 2011.

14 Responses to “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You? (1944)”

  1. Gordon Banks Says:

    Here what ever came of that vegetable thing you used to go on about?

  2. Des Says:

    Did gee mean the same thing in new York in 1929?

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Des – I presume not.

    @ GB – I have literally no clue what you’re talking about.

  4. Gordon Banks Says:

    Eoineen eoineen whaddabout da vegetables and da carrots and the gravey Eoineeen???

  5. Eoin Says:

    Who the fuck is this?

  6. Gordon Banks Says:

    Bud eoineen eoineen whaddabouda carrots and da gravy and the mashie mashie mash potatos eoineen??????????? EOINEEEEEN?????!!!!

  7. Eoin Says:

    You’re completely insane whoever you are.

  8. Eoin Says:

    Which means you could be any one of about a dozen of my friends. IP address is telling me nothing.

  9. Ponyo Says:

    It has to be yer man with the big stupid useless comment from the last day.

  10. mmuy Says:

    wtf is this shit!

    big stupid useless/
    do you only like that name because agirl said you co
    uld be dennis pennis!and it was in the cinemaopera tonight.

    you cant write worth a damn,concrete hands take me home ponyo is my name
    my name is layo layo alyolayo varadkaer
    varadkaear ponyo has no ear he is deaf and a bit tall he likes films like shishedo is his name ernest tub of ponyo
    ipee freely ponio wont cass vemoit
    lets deflect onto ponyo and his horsey face-ponyo knows what im talking about!
    poinyo boy-whats this a cd?PONYO DEF MIX its only got one song-dynu whats song called dtones.the start of ponyo!


    aALs ybx ghowlio

    its ghowlio
    little ghowl
    back to the days
    liam neeson-is taht gabriel byrne in the ads-my welcome fuck that im online
    he calls it poneyo
    ponios books
    ponios books
    ponios degree
    ponios degree
    number ten ends in ponio
    paraheliocentricity of ponniio
    theres more
    ponio tropical pone pones i dont give fuckkah

    ponyo ponyo ponyo!

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Ponyo – No that’s Dan who, as you can probably guess – is the person who just commented above.

  12. Ponyo Says:

    Yes I took the name from that film, I’ve not seen it though. Was just in eye shot the first time I left a comment here. Glad you like it though

    When did you graduate Dan?

  13. mmuy Says:

    its valenties day monday.

    i like taht nickname

    fuck off ya prick ya,i heard it last night during the roisin murphy hour.
    ,ladies love cool hand luka and he puts lipstick on his hand and theres a mango or something-hot water bottle,palming his arse all the women i coulda had shouldve capitalised they were up for it i am the son and heir sun and earth they all know-i know they all know.

    its coming up to valentines day so theres more.till we have an auld read and someone enjoy a line or too in this grand auld life a line of my own creation.the birds are up mcconville.

    nayway.obsure he says,mawk is okay sometimes too toselli the lovely thing that starts with a bos thing taht id pure,mmuy boy then.are you ok.
    iknew a bird one time and every time i used see her i couldn’t talk-cacatonicus i was-dunno why but thats the way,thats the way isn’t it.in college i saw her again but it was the same thing-in wilton-what a girl.there i was then watching the telly pretending she was there-did kareoke one time doing always on my mind left a big gap after maybe i dont love you-harrowing.i think women want you to be blind.i might have gotten gatty and tried to sing it again.one fella does the eight mile song and goes cawley park cawley park in the middle of it
    say it
    layo layo
    i tried then writing what id text her out of the blue if i had her number,hadnt a clue
    oh hi it was nice to see you you looked great
    things you might say if she was within earshot
    ah no thats a shakespeare quote
    plenty more things i couldnt be bothered looking for them.
    did you look like the ride in the permanent tsb ad who dives into the pool-did you?
    no.no.the black and white ad with the voices and the woman with the ridic accent.
    i remeber the internet was only good for looking up songs from ads-really how old are you?steely dan i mights well tell you.im not sure if youd call it riding what ive done in the past few years really-certainly i amnt made of rubber.
    ah she was great some women like theres one called zooey deschanel and i saw her in the trailer of a film one time and i had to watch a bit of goodfellas to get rid of her,an awful awful sort of dickhead goes after these kinds of women-fine darling be a zooey of the mind sam fuller in miss congeniality i get it i get.
    normally id blow a woman off just ruin everything dunno is there any sense in itjust
    to make the girl look good-that guys a dickhead look what he texted me-“-this is the kinda talk youd get if you knew the bird wasnt going to shift you,camus can do like,probably not though in fairness-am i dog-no love i’m not.be listening to her yapping away sitting there like a mog.
    how many more women do i fancy-theres about two.the rest of them i dunno,keelin shanleys let them off too,seems to be a sort of reaction to affection in women that defines them
    one looks like a monkey kate moss she seems fairly happy in her life altho i blushed in front of her and then one time i said hi in a super cool way and her eyes kinda widened with delight and i got thrown out straight away but i was already barred so it didnt make odds.
    i gave her a look in town a kind of an im over you woman job-that went down well.a while ago now.actually i dont think i really care for her at allshes just very sexy dont know wht i feel an affinity,lovliest face.lovely lovely tight woman-way nicer than that.
    a relationship i amagine is a tricky thing-best to meet up-wake up then play some assgrab-these are nice pyjamas on me ha ha etc take it from there.last time i met a girl it was around this time of year january-very bad.that was the year two thousand.
    that was the end of that to all intents and purposes as far as affection was concerned-im a bit colder now,more of a dickhead,what would you talk about anyway-what like?itd be grand if you were going out with amy winehouse no problems there-get me a ticket to the barbados-st barts you say?-this relationship is over.my mother was right.what?reuters?or if it was all look at the cut of this fucker amy winehouse youd know where you stood
    get the dole transferred ove to the bahamas commonwealth i dont want a haircut why are you in the mens toilets get out youve never seen them cest nest pas une pipe i didnt vote for it.
    as you get older then something else happens you phase everyone else in your life out and its all about remote control
    your shoes are simply you said kwurt one time,in the truest sense,truest,of ads for thorntons chocolate i remember tommy tiernan said he was so interested in himself there was something.
    who is the fake vincent gallo on twitter people folw-hes the wrong guy-share your life was his motto
    they say in time youd regret not asking a girl out-this never happens i never regret not asking girls out
    the last time i got a girls number it was by bragging-this evolution crack i dont know about that-well you had to run fast from prey and that explains any phenomenon you can care to think of not a hope like it was like a game of football with no ball and extra time and penalties and nil nil and there was still no ball,book
    origin of the species.was in a pub it was like a nest-all cushions and all this-look birds at what i have,soft rubbish from dtones,and how do you like the worst of nina simone?all the audience looked like they came off the tubridy show,no papers either not a single newspaper thats why i went in-the auld middle of the dy its hard to know what to do with it.

    the car is the second most popular place to make love-is it?i dunno id say the jacks-i dont own a single johnny imagine that.

    theres a part of you that wont tollerate bullshit a kind of a prudishness-holding hands and stuff altho one of my friends came at me today and shook my hand and he was holding his girls hand but hes fairly cool.women for a start have no interest in what you like-theres a female frame of reference im pretty sure of that at this stage,reasons and everything will be the same but something is kind of differentr-not different like.
    you can tell someone is clever if they can explain a more coherent argument than you and you cant argue against it but they can argue against you then you know what youre dealing with-dont be fake anyway or pretensious-trying to write something now and forget i wrote it.
    but anyway-yeah women ah one just walks into your life and you catch each other at the perfect time and youll both have peaked at the same time and-same quantitive stages and thats it-nice children-parents are great i dont know-i can imagine sex getting stale-sex.candles,fires,,knives,,the jacks?
    a lot made of it i remeber will oldham going on about the sacred and the profane or something he had the right idea.apparently as well if you slag a girl some bit
    you are demented look at the cut of you.so true and the little guy with the ventriloquists dummy and someone gets thir hole in it.does life imitate art-for the most part it does yeah.nature nurture-again for the most part.i got a bit of solace from this. http://xkcd.com/822
    i dont know any women either i dont have any womans number-none of my friends have more than five id say if it came down to it-probably something going on.another thing i had to stay in -opera saturday its saturday pay for the kings speech and fuck off in.-the telly was all for woman i dont know what kind of woman these are but greys anatomy was on and ray feinnes in some piece of shit-he was having a baby-i know yeah-he was there and winona ryder was in soimething and their was sex but it was only the man had his shirt off-it was more of an embrace really and leaves needless to say-autumn riding i dont know what youd call it.
    had a good idea one time

    life oh life
    does my bum look big in this.
    take all your clothes and leave.does it tho.i doint fucking care its grand-wear a coat.
    this si not it.
    a dialogue till i leave featuring something a woamn might actually say to a man.

    but watch a film and kind of write down your thoughts as it was going on,hermenutics by consensus does it exist already
    oh hes in trouble now
    good man
    whered he get the jam
    lovely shot of a plain
    i see
    who’s my one
    lets try it so
    ah lets not anyway it would be a fascinating project
    itd be a?
    a little a-she was so studious thats what she called it
    the friend has a few templates anyway rebecca hall/shannon sossamon/
    julie christie/theres more but i havent aclue and ill hardly ask him its not really the kind of talk youd want to be getting into with a fella
    most fellas think like this i think,id say so somehow and thats no word of a lie.
    a lot of factors-who will think im great-charisma is what i have,bel mond o this is fantastic i am fantastic
    if you see a fella on telly then you might act like him-take on his gamees-no woman falls for this of course but sure-well maybe young girls probably would.apparently everyone for the most part a bit bisexual but only men think this is saucy-bit lenny bruse there.ill go on
    i have no idea what women read,maybe stuff about charles darwin

    no one up only james joyce tweeting away taht book is all riding and it has a knack of meaning something to you you wouldnt think theres a full stop then when you expect that
    theyre googlewhacks all those punctuation symbols.
    dont care now,cant post thsi carry on.
    noah and the whale theyre called.noah and the whale.i hoped the shit out of noah and the whale and i enjoyed every minute of it i felt like hitler.
    women-they drink a lot but youd never see them eating,you cant really go up and kiss a girl even if it is the one above she must think iyt some bit
    had to give up facebook too i only made eighteen friends on the last one didnt care for anyone else amybe i did but i didnt want to have to get know them,plenty fellas then have nothing to do with.
    your man at the start
    why dont we go back to the house till i ride crew,vote pallantine.look at me now.kasandia.
    they say women are very mean to on another and men tend to box each other-this is lies fellas do not immediatley resort to boxing there is a period of meanness prior.what a horrible sentence outside carpark ill
    also fantasies they say women are the whole time watching some clowna on telly think of riding him-may be like,men go around if they have no fags clocking other fellas
    also men who they think women like
    cracker is the higgs boson
    javier bardem they were on about him above in the house–who gives a fuck no man will ever act like this..im not sure a document as barmy
    is dog not dawg love not fucking dawg no-all im saying.
    barmy is a shit word but its soothing too after the cursing.

    fuck this anyway ive not seen anyone else come out with this shit and have women read it only reprehensible dickhead fucks shoved so hard into david camerons head that it comes out with directions to a nuclear sub yeah yeah yeah-is this fucker the a corner of our relationship already and what is that is that food and are we meant to be playing computer games so is it?coronation street is the single best thing on telly ever they callt their house the grove-i cried-my legs are bluish gray.
    a man would fuck a sandwich if he thought noone was looking-thats true.
    not much more-oh yeah similar talk.
    theres two men in a way fellas who grew up having at least one or two girlfriends and fellas that did not.and i would-shittyzt sentence ever.
    anyway if that is not the case thenso be it.but one of the days the bird will ask you so who used you go out with before and youll say ah now dyou know yourself-big world attah.(type any letter here).
    thatll be bad the aesthetics of porn has a fair bit to do with it-fools would lead you to believe its some plumber calls around to two randy coeds(all porn is from america-all)and hes there going bla blah and she says would you have any meas on staying for a while weve an auld film here
    throw it on sure-this is grand and anyway they stsrt riding
    not so.riding is fairly immediate.nobody gives a flying fuck about any of that shit.
    what else?
    what else.there isnt much women do to annoy men-start fucking talking is one of them-hi love-hicant you see im busy working ha ha what do you want ha ha are you going out tonight-i know full well this women is not addressing me and wish she wouldnt-paper.
    ive it read.isnt it terrible when you lok well in the middle of the night-people take pictures of their head this isnt new i think-well it of course is-vanity
    there are people that are a floor above you taheres no point really all you can do is scoff at how much theyre enjoying their life even if this isnt true either-how brave they are to be nice all their feelings taht if you thought about them for a second its like they dont have any,not as many as say marvin gaye had-the work their jobs are killing them.
    not being able to lie in bed,spending their money on meaningless stuff.
    how did that kind of shittalk ever get creedence.im tiredf.
    what has three legs when he wakes up and then two when joe duffy comes on?
    how did joe oshea manage to raise one leg in the air while he was doing sean moncrief and bikram yoga-kelliher at the same time and have his two legs on the ground beacuse sean moncrief is an appalling appalling man and they are killing me and i can only listen to him say mmmmmmmmmmmh
    probably my only dealbreaker is sean moncrief.hell -its all women from england he has on with fucking shite hypotheses about fuck all-my mother for all her flaws-watching university challenge expecting me to get questions right-when im at home girls sheesh said that whole newstalk dan-mom-i know mom-first they laugh at you then they ridicule you then they fight you i know.
    this is no life.women are impossible to meet if theyd only stop talking or something-start floating around the place yod catch one like a french woman in an ad over here well have it in such a way that a hahah.some people never hook up
    that could just be the way.an idea i had for a sitcom was-write it now
    life when i am forty but yod write it from this perspective-a pilot
    i might start.
    well i just turned forty-boys o boys-look at this-body of a husband-still have the same ideas and im trying to hang onto them.mom and dad are nearly seventy you wouldnt know theyre fit.christ almighty.
    woman told me one time its grand to feel like this at this age and when you get older you wont think like taht at all or youd be some fool.good advice nora batty.but yeah its a grand auld life.finnegans wake is only all hes riding the woman-typing with a fag in your mouth is fun!and hes like imagine if i got into her body and maybe hes ireland and shes the world and blah and then theres a bit wheres hes also on about bruno but vico cico really in the way david byrne used say let them eat toast-bruno nowlan and bruno nolan and kasandia flann.crow cow crwon and theres a russian thing like that in pale fire.felix wuyck yourself.theres a sad bit where he goes on about his daughter thet makes no sense that was kinda heartbreaking-a lot of the dichotomies or what have you a fella who points pencils and on and on.
    there will be no riding this day of our Lord.on the zuider zee.
    foolish shaun svoolish i put half this on some aanother blog but i dont care it was a cat joke about blur or something i will not bback/wanted to see what women would think/women read this?

    a play this time.i remember daire o brien doing something similar 40 years ago in the sb o donnell.

    woamn:red sky at night
    man:shepards delight,a-how!
    wonmm:red sky in the morning
    man:i love you darling
    enter third man:i see whereby they got rid of your man mubarak,they had a hard time doing it-shake my hand-was i in school with you god youre like something out of the pussycat dolls.

    like a terrible finnegans wake

    man:they did so faith and they had a hard time doing it go away to fuck
    woamn:did you ever see lost highway i thought it wasnt great i thought-gena rowlands a class actwhats your favourite episode of only fools and horses?hes a she btw.a big blue book its only all auld interviews ive seen them all-ah no theres good bits.can i do whatever i want?great.

    i told a bouncer he was only a woman with a dick.might have to start annotating these.
    whats that my child?how well you have hair on your legs and i have none-hmmm.you like the feel of wood-whatt!well im glad you do because youve a good chance of getting some later!youve a good opportunity to get wood wiggle fuck this hows five working out,,befuddled did you have a nice sleep oh good.
    a cut-
    whats that-the sound of infection!
    ah that last line took effort.





    whats your name good morning
    had to be done-run.back in my day all we had was johnny moy/did you do that knowingly/dif/4/3/2/5443

    ill push this further apologies,clensing expr.freddie le grand.it would appear i have no taste this is not the casei really dont have to cool hand luke has his excuses and i have mine-torpedo thats what they call it
    only a few people will follow this.they like it if you walk around like you own the place-or actually own the place-try sleeping on pat kenny
    jesus who are these people fuck them your in my hands now girlie my name is otto

    i know all their best songs-this is the greatest one of the lot post a lash of them on birthday

  14. Sam Says:

    He’s dead right, you know

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