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Get well soon, Ollie!

Tripping Along The Ledge offers its most sincere best wishes to singer-songwriter Ollie Higgins, who was involved in a serious accident earlier this week. I know many of you will remember Ollie’s band the Kill City Snowmen, who were big favourites at the Sound Cellar and Baggot Inn back in the day.

Legends of Irish rock, the Snowmen were tipped in Smiley Bolger’s annual Ones To Watch list a record-breaking five times (1987, ‘88, ‘90, ‘91 and ‘93!) One of the industry’s true gentlemen, Ollie fell fifty feet onto concrete while attempting to rescue a kitten from a tree. In 2004, I was lucky enough to interview Ollie, which you can read here.

Also, what a gent! Ollie will be donating the proceeds from his forthcoming album Songs from the Great Wide Open to the kitten rescue charity Miaow.

Of course, Ollie is no stranger to bad luck. In 2008, he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. The following year, he was unfortunately kidnapped by Somali pirates.

[UPDATE: Fidelma McGlinchy of Miaow Ireland has been in contact:]

“Due to the high volume of traffic today, our website is down at present. But we hope to be back online as soon as possible.

Please note that Miaow does NOT provide assistance services for kittens suffering from neglect or mistreatment. We work SOLELY with kittens stuck in trees or very tall shrubs.

Many thanks to the talented Ivor Higgins for raising awareness about our work.”

June 28th, 2011.

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