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Gone fishing

Urgh. Too tired to blog today. It’s been a long week. Some interesting stuff you might have missed elsewhere:

1. Andrew Sullivan’s piece in The Atlantic is the most rational explanation for why so many priests become abusers that you will ever read. How is this man still a Catholic?

2. Hot Tub Time Machine!? I haven’t been this excited by a movie title since Snakes on a Plane… 3. The first mainstream celebrity to espouse the virtues of psychedelic drugs? Cary Grant, apparently.

4. “Courage is always missing in politicians. It is like saying basketball players aren’t normally short. It isn’t a useful attribute… Courage is in a funny way more common in an old-fashioned sort of enlightened dictatorship than it is in a democracy.” Every time Tony Judt says something with which I agree, he follows it up by saying something with which I vehemently disagree.

5. Based on early reviews, I’ve been avoiding The Marriage Ref. But over at the Daily Beast, is Seinfeld a joke?

March 26th, 2010.

10 Responses to “Gone fishing”

  1. alan Says:

    The thing about Snakes on a Plane though is that the movie was nowwhere near as good as the name itself.

  2. alan Says:

    The thing about Snakes on a Plane though is that the movie never quite lived up to the name.

  3. Adrian Says:

    Hot Tub Time Machine is real? It’s featured in the latest episode of 30 Rock, but I thought it was a joke. This is good news.

  4. Eoin Says:

    @ Alan – well Hot Tub Time Machine certainly has its work cut out for it too. But hey, it’s got Chevy Chase. Looks pretty old in that clip, so I’m guessing they’ll run into his younger alter ego in the 1980s.

    @ Adrian – Letterman mentioned it in his monologue too the other night. Again I assumed it was a joke.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hot Tub Time Machine is definitely real. I was in Fernie this time last year when they were filming it. Half the town was employed as extras in fluoro gear. Two of my friends stalked John Cusack from bar to bar as well.

  6. Colin Says:

    I wish the Marraige Ref wasn’t real. First the Bee Movie, now this, ugh.

    “Give a bear a fish and he’ll feed himself for just one day, but teach him to fish and he’ll feed himself and his family for a whole lifetime”.

  7. Darragh Says:

    Always saw Jerry as a necessary foil for all the inspired comedic acting around him, the straight centre-man. I think the fact that the series was named Seinfeld and is bookended by his little routine’s could have distracted from the possibility, that on his own, the guy isn’t hugely funny. I mean with Michael Richards and Jason Alexendar pulling all sorts of acrobatic in comic timing and slapstick around him and Larry David behind the scenes…
    …and now the marriage ref

  8. Eoin Says:

    I don’t think Larry David’s huge (and deserved) success should obscure the fact that Seinfeld conceived the series, saw potential in Larry David when no one else wanted anything to do with him, and had a 50% say in casting, scripts (100% in series 8-9 after LD left).

    I prefer to think of the Marriage Ref, which I still haven’t seen, as the Frog Chorus to Seinfeld’s Revolver/Sgt. Pepper/Abbey Road.

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  10. Dolly Says:

    Hot Tub Time machine looks like its trying to cash in on success of the Hang Over right up to having a former Daily Show correspondent in the cast.

    Well, up to the point when the hot tub goes back in time at least!

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