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Guess is the operative word. If you already know, then you’re not allowed enter. However, if you don’t already know then I will answer straight Yes or No questions. There’s a clue after the jump… Clue: If you need a clue, then you can go and fuck yourself, yeah?

November 5th, 2009.


  1. El Kid Says:

    Yer ma!

  2. paddy Says:

    Jim Corr

  3. Karl Says:

    Noam Chomsky.

  4. padraig Says:

    Willie O’Dea.

  5. massey Says:

    Is she your first or second cousin?

  6. imelda Says:

    Jayz its hardly the mayoman of the year!?

  7. Adrian Russell Says:

    Oooh I love when we do these…

    However, I’m gonna have to say Cllr Luke ‘Ming the Merciless’ Flanagan again.

  8. Eoin Says:

    @ Adrian – so close

    @ imelda – not yet, but soon

    @ massey – that’s not a yes/no question

    One more clue then: if you were a (brain dead) Irish soccer fan, you wouldn’t quite know whether to boo or not…

  9. albinicus Says:

    i was gonna say willie joe padden but now i’ll go with mick mccarthy

  10. sarah Says:

    Well he says ask questions. Is it male, Irish & a sportsmen?

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Sarah – yes, no and not at present

  12. El Kid Says:

    Well I know it’s been a longstanding ambition of Nelson Mandela to meet ya

  13. Conal Says:

    not roy keane

  14. golden graham Says:

    Photo is tagged “Swedish Nobel dinner” – you’re hardly meeting Obama???

  15. Eoin Says:

    No not meeting Nelson Mandela, Roy Keane or Obama. This is the last clue.

    1. This person is Scottish.
    2. There’s a certain subsection of visitors Irish soccer fans reserve particular venom for. It’s not entirely clear whether this person fits into that category or not. (Well, he once claimed to. But it subsequently turned out he did.)
    3. Dinner should be nice.

  16. L Says:

    Billy Connolly

  17. Danny Says:

    Gerard Butler

  18. Conal Says:

    The chef, whats his name, Ramsay? Used to play for rangers?

  19. Eoin Says:

    @ L/Danny – how the hell do either of those names fit with the clue I just gave…??

    @ Conal – who, Alf Ramsay? I’m afraid I’d need a full name at least…

  20. Andrew Says:

    Mo Johnstone?

  21. Conal Says:

    Yeracock Ramsay

  22. Danny Says:

    “There’s a certain subsection of visitors Irish soccer fans reserve particular venom for…”

    Yeah, people with the surname Butler!

  23. tomoconnor Says:

    A gypsey!

  24. Lisa Says:

    Is it Ramsay McDonald, first ever Labour Prime Minister, and keen amateur sportsman (a lesser known fact)?

  25. Adrian Russell Says:

    it has to be Graeme Souness

  26. Eoin Says:

    @ Lisa – I was going to use Ramsay McDonald above with Alf Ramsay, but worried it might be too obscure a reference.

    For me though, its Keir Hardie or nothing…

  27. Eoin Says:

    Okay, I’m going out now to get beans to make beans on toast. Answer when I get back…!

  28. albinicus Says:

    Lucy Uwilingiyimana!!

  29. Denise Says:

    Steven Speilberg

  30. Eoin Says:

    Okay, the correct answer is……..

    Gordon Ramsay. Having dinner with him in the Powerscourt Ritz Carlton at six. You have no idea how much this is completely wasted on me. I’ve never even seen his programme.

    Conal came close with Yeracock Ramsay – must be kicking yerself mate.

    My favourite answer was Tom for guessing gypsies – good reading of the clues there Tom!

    But I’m going to give the prize to Aidan for Cllr Luke ‘Ming the Merciless’ Flanagan because, well, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan/Gordon Ramsay…

    Well the connection is pretty obvious if you know anything about cooking or Roscommon local politics!

  31. Ed Says:

    Is that why you said “fuck you” at the beginning- I thought you were just being rude!!

  32. Adrian Says:

    well done, Aidan!

  33. Colin Says:

    Sitting down to a delicious Chicken Korma later prepared by 4 star pizza eater, Monsieur Myself.

    May curse Myself out if heated plates are forgotten or smash a glass if there isnt something interesting to watch while I eat.

    Colin demands the best.

  34. Eoin Says:

    @ Adrian – apologies, I was in a bit of a rush there. But please enjoy your (non-existent) prize!

    @ Colin – I notice you’re only posting in the evenings now, what gives??

  35. Adrian Says:

    duly noted, Eammon.

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