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obama-tiesSince Barack Obama came into office in January, headlines on the Huffington Post have frequently been funnier than those on The Onion. I’m an Obama fan myself, but the site’s excessive fawning over the new First Family is really embarrassing. And, when it comes to the Obama kids, also slightly creepy.

Still, who can stay mad with them when they continue to come out with such surreal efforts as: Obama’s First 50 Days In Ties: Find Out Which Color He’s Worn Most.

The answer (if you’re deranged enough to care) is…

“President Obama has worn 40 ties since (and including) January 20th.
Of those, here’s how they break down by color.

BLUE: 17 (42.5%)
RED: 12 (30%)
GREY: 5 (12.5%)
BLACK: 5 (12.5%)
WHITE: 1 (2.5%)”

March 10th, 2009.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Today: Washington’s Rocky Relationship With The Pocket Square WTF!?

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