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About the blog awards

I have no idea who nominated me for an award at the Irish Blog Awards, which take place in Belfast tonight. I don’t know much about the awards, except that I am nominated in the same catagory as David McWilliams, Jim Carroll and Donald Clarke. So obviously, I am extremely flattered.

I’m not deluded enough to think I have any chance of winning. But whoever nominated me, and for whatever reason, I’m sure it wasn’t for thinking things but not saying them. So here are my two cents. When I was in my late teens, I did a stint working in the customer service section of a computer software company called Symantec. There was a Customer Service Awards and the two biggest lick-arses in our department got sent along.

Our chosen nominees won big on the night and, the next morning in work, the rest of us were made to watch their acceptance speech in the conference room. (“This is dedicated to our Tech Support team, because we could never have done it without you guys etc. etc….”) This might explain why I find these sorts of award ceremonies so cringey.

I don’t doubt the motives of whoever is organising this and I know that awards, by their very nature, are subjective.

But as far as I know, the Irish Blog Awards are the same crowd who have given Twenty Major their Godlike Genius award for the last twenty years in a row. I said all I wanted to about Twenty Major in this blog post (and the comments below.)

Sufficed to say that, for me, he epitomises all that is all that is worst about online discourse. He is ignorant, nasty, profane, amateur and anonymous. A YouTube commenter, at best. Yet instead of being shunted away in some dusty backroom, like the embarrassing racist old uncle that he is, he is wheeled out and feted at every opportunity.

This year he is nominated for best blog post for an erudite offering entitled Enda Kenny is a Fucking Dick.

So lookit, I’d hate to appear ungrateful, and I hope everyone making the trip to Belfast has a great night and I doubt too many people give a fuck what I think. But I would query whether to be honoured in such company is to be honoured at all.

March 19th, 2011.

30 Responses to “About the blog awards”

  1. laura Says:

    I don’t like the guy either but surely the most popular blog gets to win, hes the most popular therefore he always wins – sounds like sour grapes Eoin.

  2. massey Says:

    you could have met Jessy Jackson!!

  3. kate bopp Says:

    Well said Eoin

  4. Deirdre Says:

    If I had a vote I would have voted for this blog. Great stuff Eoin always enjoy hearing your opinion.

  5. mairead Says:

    Might be surprised how many people give a fuck what you think. I read this blog every day.

  6. Missile Says:

    Always outnumbered never outgunned

  7. Missile Says:

    And the persecution complex award goes to…

  8. gueuleton Says:

    I would make the comparison with Brendan O’Carroll and Mrs Browns Boys. Theres no accounting for taste.

  9. Jonathan M Says:

    Butler, I hope you’re not getting bitter because I doubt no one wants to hear it. I read your blog. I don’t read any of the other ones you’ve mentioned there. So stop your bitchin man!

  10. Rosie Says:

    @ Jonathan M – “I doubt no one wants to hear it…”

    you’ve double negatived my mind Jonny

  11. darragh Says:

    Well fucking said Eoin. That blog (twentymajor) is an ugly humourless pox. Embarrassing. I went to those awards once and I never saw such frightfully unmerited circle-congratulating in my life.

    BTW what independent committee decides what Irish blog is better than another? I doubt it is even a committee, just that angry fella from twitter damien mulley or to give him his twe-name/webinar/social media handle mulley.net. *shudder*

  12. Caz Says:

    “I have no idea who nominated me”

    For what it worth Eoin I didn’t nomoinate you!

  13. Sally Goodin Says:

    Ah you didn’t win? Poor fella.

  14. Sally Goodin Says:

    But I heard you had a good time in Westport

    Say that.

  15. Rosie Says:

    @ Sally – And the stalker award goes to

  16. Ponyo Says:

    It’s my birthday and I’ll drunkenly comment if I want to, comment if I want to.

    Good to see a return to more regular updates.

    Awards are daft in general really

  17. Eoin Says:

    No one ever listens to you Nolan. Alas, alas.

  18. Sally Goodin Says:

    @ Rosie – The photographs are on Facebook

  19. Eoin Says:

    @ Sally – I’m being stalked by a Hank Williams song. That is a first.

  20. Eoin Says:

    Sorry, just saw the email address. Okay, that makes more sense now.

  21. Lauren Says:


  22. Evert Bopp Says:

    And look what you’ve done now; no more Irish Blog Awards.
    You’ve broken the IBA goddamit!

  23. Eoin Says:

    @ Evert Bopp – huh?

  24. Fat Tony Says:

    Was Jessie Jackson really at the Irish Blog Awards? Head explosion imminent…

  25. Darragh Says:

    Eoin, I’m beginning to worry that the you & Twenty Major will never settle things Mano-a-mano. Surely the proper way to finish things between yourself & himself would’ve been a fight-club style beatdown in Belfast.

    BTW, did you not read his award-nominated post “Enda Kenny is a Fucking Dick”? It was an erudite, informed and deeply insightful profile of the very essence of the man.

  26. Darragh Says:

    Alan Moloney, of Wheel Spinning Hamster Dead fame, had a pretty good take on the Irish blogosphere & the self-congratulatory nature of it: http://bit.ly/gmJigz
    You get a big shout out in it.

  27. Pauline Walnuts Says:

    Well said.

  28. Evert Bopp Says:

    @Eoin Apparently Mulley announced it was the last one and he won’t be doing any more Blog Awards.

  29. Mark Says:

    You couldn’t have done something like this? Where’s your sense of goddamn stuntcraft, Butler?

  30. Eoin Says:

    Damnit, really missed a trick there. Although given that I assume I didn’t win, the poor woman would have been sitting their in her poncho for no reason.

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