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My quest for the perfect DVD box set is at an end. This evening I chanced up National Lampoon’s Vacation Collection – comprising the Griswald’s original, European, Christmas and Vegas vacations – and it has already cheered me up no end. This song, by Lindsey Buckingham, soundtracks the opening sequence from the original movie. It’s mood enhancing powers are, admittedly, much stronger when the possibility exists of catching a glimpse of Beverly D’Angelo’s breasts at any moment.

November 15th, 2009.

17 Responses to “HOLIDAY ROAD (1983)”

  1. Matt Says:

    He’s no McNulty, but you can’t be a bit of Chevy Chase all the same I suppose.

  2. Eoin Says:

    Damn right, Matt. Just started European vacation here and its going down a treat.

    Clark: “Can I have a Coca Cola, please?”
    Air hostess: “Sure, would you like it in the can?”
    Clark (looks around awkwardly): “No, I think I’ll have it here. Thanks!”

  3. golden graham Says:

    Haven’t seen it in years but definitely a classic film. Isn’t there a scene where the family turn up and stay for a week with some random French family who they think are their cousins? Chevy Chase is hilarious.

  4. anthony Says:

    all time classic there. I was just thinking about that movie yesterday. In particular that scene in the original where clark is flirting with the blond (driving the corvette)using a sandwich.

  5. Eoin Says:

    That’s actually Christie Brinkley (of Uptown Girl fame). She reprises the role for 1997’s Vegas Vacation, which is on the menu for this evening.

  6. Eoin Says:

    @ Golden Graham – that’s actually a Bavarian family. Clark thinks they’re his cousins, but they’ve actually gone into number 16, rather than number 6!

  7. anthony Says:

    Jesus butler thats some pretty impressive referencing right there. you are fast becoming my go to guy for obscure pop culture titbits,sorry kenny.

  8. Colin Says:

    @anthony – You have wounded me. Just cause Liverpool are in the crapper, don’t abandon all hope and start believing Butler has his finger on the pulse of the Zeitgeist.

    Chevy Chase isn’t funny anymore. The vacation movies essentially charter his career as he gets less and less funny. Apparantly there’s a remake in the works, bet all Chevy gets is a cameo.

  9. Denise Says:

    Anyone else think this is a really weird video? It’s a fun summery tune and they’ve gone with this weird, Orwellian thing – and whats with the blue water?

  10. Brian Says:

    Dont forget Chevy in Fletch and Fletch Lives genius!!

  11. Eoin Says:

    I was only thinking about the other day, Brian. Was it Fletch or Fletch Lives where his car had no breaks, so he had to crash into a lamppost or another car every time he wanted to park.

    NB. Interesting article here that references pretty much everything we’ve been discussing on here for the last couple of weeks…

  12. Brian Says:

    That’s Fletch Lives.
    The scene with Fletch in a prison cell is a classic….
    Fletch: ”Hi what’s your name?’’
    Cellmate: ”Bend over’’
    Fletch: ”Hi Ben, nice to meet you’’

  13. rex harrison Says:

    @ colin – “Chevy Chase isn’t funny anymore”

    So what, neither is Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Bill Hicks or Richard Pryor. Does that mean we can’t enjoy his old work?

  14. massey Says:

    @ Rex – are you really comparing Chevy Chase to Groucho Marx or Richard Pryor??

  15. Colin Says:

    @Rex – Eh,no. The line infers at one time, he was funny, he just isn’t anymore. I likes me some Caddyshack and old SNL sketches too.

    Also the comedians you listed have the disadvantage of being dead, yet they’re still all funnier than Chevy is now.

  16. Colin Says:

    Here’s Chase and Pryor sharing some screentime in a classic SNL sketch –


  17. Eoin Says:

    @ Colin/Massey – I suppose what Rex is saying is that Chevy Chase’s old films are still funny even if he isn’t…?

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