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Tripping Along The Ledge



…Or so my mother has just told me. Reckon that’s gotta be the title track on my upcoming classic rock album. “I was born in a blizzard / papa was a lizard / as we rode motorcycles cross burning bridges on a highway to hell…” Or something like that.

January 9th, 2010.

12 Responses to “I WAS BORN IN A BLIZZARD”

  1. a head on me like pierrot Says:

    bed bed bed
    thats where ill be
    saving messages in my drafts folder
    thats all i read

  2. Eoin Says:




    You truly are a chameleon, Dan.

  3. massey Says:

    Not bad Butsey but i’d change it to your father was a “wizard”. Tap into a bit of that Harry Potter market & also make sure David Ike doesn’t boycott your gigs.

  4. Eoin Says:

    @ Massey – My father was a wizard!? This is classic rock, not prog rock!

    P.S. If this doesn’t make you laugh out loud, I owe you ten pints:


  5. a head on me like pierrot Says:

    bazzey ill come around throuh the internet and hit you a box
    pierrot anyway,i dunno,pierrot le fou,johnson and pierrot,pierrot balsam,wendy balsam,who do all these women want me brown bunny pierrot?whos this gou anyway who had a crack at dustin in the irish times?and he wrote a cookbook-he cadged a cookbook the bollocks.the driven bastard,i hread donal og over christmas hes a driven bastard too.i think anyway this chef guy needs a serious puck into the face


    this now is what hes into(see how easy it is to write a blog,like lb reading two columns in the jacks at stool)
    an his twitter entries

    @caught outside by the bins at the backo f el bulli had to fend of a

    @guard dog with a traffic cone on my arm,wonka berries!

    @met old mister brennan he’s actually a thirty year old chinese fella,a shaggy dog story

    @sydney was awes

    @eating a magnum,you cant argue with the classics

    @danni berry has more botox than a flea pen in an anus in gary glitters house served by the rotting corpse of a dying wombat chewing a policemans ear off after a night in the town with tracy beaker in torquay and a hatfull of stodgy quizzes presented by donald camerons dying aunt and edward norton in the sixth sense

    @so thats why theyre called soft fruits,my hands are like chickens

    @apples taste like cotton wool to me and fearne cotton

    dinners at 5.30

  6. a head on me like pierrot Says:

    @meeting anna wintour for the ride,shifted me out of nowhere the last night.delighted

    @how does this work

    @id do most non sexual things except killing.theft>killing

    @neven maguire belcoo class really really nice dude,sean moncrief table ops creep

  7. massey Says:

    Came back here, lots of extra comments– thought great my wizard idea has ignited some debate.

    Parrot or Dan or whatever your name is, will you ever go to bed like a good man..

  8. a head on me like pierrot Says:

    ill be going to bed at half ten massey boy,sure all you did was change lizard to wizard hows that going to set the night on fire like,in fairness now.

  9. massey Says:

    Jayzuz he’s lucid all of a sudden. Is this a first?

  10. a head on me like pierrot Says:

    and mama was a rolling stone?
    ah now
    massey boy youre cruising for an internet bruising.

  11. Eoin Says:

    @ Massey – yes, I believe it is a first. And I believe lucid Dan just handed you up an internet asswhoppin’.

  12. massey Says:

    Ah go on Dan, ya feckin mentaler

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