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In other news…

Ailing North Korean leader Kim Jung-Il paves the way for the succession of his son Kim Jong Not-Il-But-Would-it-Kill-Him-to-Lose-a-Few-Pounds.
Moral issues aside, it would take me a long time to get bored of having my own private army. I’d march them around that square until the cows came home. Then I’d make them ride the cows around like horses. Hours and hours of fun.

October 12th, 2010.

5 Responses to “In other news…”

  1. CrazyForker Says:

    He’s a self professed expert on the internet. He certainly looks like it.

  2. TheComicalHat Says:

    Majestic photo — Kim Jong Time-to-get-Il looks so aged, and vulnerable, even pitiful — and his heir apparent has the regal, imperious, dastardly air of a spoiled brat at his own lavish birthday party (at which he discovers he has lots of bombs, tanks, soldiers and goose-stepping chicks ready to die for him).

  3. Eoin Says:

    Well he certainly looks a better bet than his older brother. This guy looks like a self-professed expert on internet porn…


  4. YankeeMick Says:

    Ha! Came here to post that pic…Looks like a bit of famine would do him no harm at all..

  5. Neal Says:

    I like this picture of them… http://bit.ly/aouCEx

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