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Feck it…. Doing some quick arithmetic here and there’s just no way I can watch three World Cup games a day, do my job and blog all at the same time. So I’m gonna suspend this blog until after the World Cup. Believe me, I do not take this decision lightly. The idea of not giving up a couple of hours of my time unpaid, every evening, to write shite on here that all of you can come on and leave sarcastic comments about… Well, I’ll just have to live with it. I’ll still post updates on here from time to time. You can also follow my updates on Twitter. Computer Update Magazine called my tweets “so funny you’ll laugh your leg off.” Unfortunately, I had to delete all my funny tweets for legal reasons.

June 14th, 2010.

15 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. Bibi Baskin Says:

    What the fuck am I supposed to do for the first half hour of work now? My job??

  2. Steve Says:

    I presume you meant to type

    “…..suspend this blog UNTIL after the world cup”?

    This is okay because I don’t have time to watch 3 games a day, do my job and read your shite. Although the Algeria v Slovenia game was a bit of a waste of time it has to be said.

  3. demure lemur Says:

    Yet another reason to dislike football.

  4. albinicus Says:

    it’s only 3 games a day for the first round..does this mean we might get a gradual reversal of the weaning process?

  5. Eoin Says:

    Apologies all. Except for you Steve. You’re barred for three months.

    P.S. Typo corrected!

  6. Paddy Says:

    It might be time to start following someone else’s blog. I’m hearing good things about this Twenty Major guy!!

  7. YankeeMick Says:

    On another note have ye seen the lad 4chan got to the top of some Oprah Winfrey competition.

  8. Fat Tony Says:

    Fucks sake, you could have taken the month off work!!

  9. Stef Says:

    All of the kids in our neighbourhood are feeling sorry for themselves

  10. Lisa Says:


    This is the real tournament you should be concerned about:


  11. YankeeMick Says:

    How do you not have anything to say about the treachery that befell our Enda?

  12. Stef Says:

    Great win for the our Mexican comrades in arms. That tempt you out of retirement eoin?

  13. David Says:

    Eoin surely you must have something to say about the Lissadell Estate affair!

  14. Stef Says:

    We end up walking out in the cold again

  15. raptureponies Says:

    If you were a woman you could do all of those things

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