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Markham left an interesting comment here imagining a parallel universe in which Jim Corr’s sisters three sisters were “average-looking, tone-deaf munters.” I got to thinking about a different parallel universe, one in which the rest of us are woefully misguided, and Jim Corr and Charlie Sheen are the ones who know the truth. In which the Lisbon Treaty, 911, swine flu etc. really are all part of an extraordinarily elaborate plot to accomplish, erm… what exactly? Nah, I couldn’t do it. The whole notion is just too preposterous for words. These shadowy forces hadn’t the guile to cover up the Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib torture scandals. They hadn’t the wherewithal to plant fake WMDs in Iraq. And yet, we’re supposed to believe that they…. Forget it.

Furthermore, we’re to believe that the same forces are pushing the Lisbon Treaty, even while there is credible evidence to suggest that the No side last time around was partly funded by… No, I can’t be bothered to finish that thought either. It would be a waste of my time. And when you consider I spent most of Wednesday talking about a sandwich, that’s saying something.

Witness the covert operations we do know about – the C.I.A.’s shambolic efforts to overthrow the government of it’s tiny neighbour Cuba (botched invasions, exploding cigars etc. even with 400 full time agents working on the case) and ask yourself if this organisation, or even rogue element within it, could have pulled off an operation as elaborate as 911 without being exposed?

My point, incidentally, is not that I trust governments. I don’t. Rather it is that I believe them to be, by and large, woefully incompetent. So why am I writing this? Well, because of Jim Corr. The J Bomb. When a former pop star goes on a bit of a mentaler the way Jim has of late… It’s funny – you can’t deny it. But I’ve been feeling a tiny bit guilty about dismissing the guy out of hand, especially since I get the sense from him that he’s putting his neck on the line and he genuinely means well.

So now Jim, I’ve explained why I think you’re a mentaler. I’ve done you that service at least. You’ve plenty of money and a newfound popularity amongst internet cranks. Meanwhile, I’m away, for the second time in a week, on the thankless task of trying to find usable images of you on Google Image. They simply don’t exist… It’s all a conspiracy…

More Jim Corr (again) here.

October 2nd, 2009.


  1. bofors7715 Says:

    science, and evidence clearly points towards and inside job…if you dont see this then i dont even know what to say…and still with the military in the middle east..innocent civilians die almost everyday because of this pointless war which people like you are led to believe that there is a point

  2. bofors7715 Says:

    If you had a clue about how things work in the real world, you would be able to carefully observe the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers and Building 7, and recognize that these are controlled demolitions. Some 500+ credentialed architects & engineers have attested to this fact here:


  3. Markham Says:

    You’re so right.
    It’s all explained here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QjOI7bj5ks

  4. Darragh Says:

    bofors7715 dude – I’m just gonna throw something out there seeing as you mention science. Science “in the real world” normally moves forward through published peer-reviewed research. Disseminated findings. In journals. Reviewed by other scientists. There’s a huge database of these journals called pubmmed. You can access it online and look through. I’d advise you to, and when you come back with some credible research that proves this theory about ‘controlled demolitions’ and what not, then people might take you seriously.

  5. conor Says:

    “mentaler” is obviously spelled “mentaller”, you “journalist”. good christ, no wonder this country is useless when this spelling ability is being hired out by national newspapers

  6. Eoin Says:

    Conor, (a) it’s not a real word. (b) Time magazine spells it the same way I do and (c) if you think there’s any connection between the way I spell ‘mentaler’ and the state of this country, then you definitely are one.


  7. Eoin Says:

    1.52 am on a Friday night, get a girlfriend you fool…

  8. Andrew S Says:

    I was found myself an the unwilling receipient of a conspiracy theory bore a while ago. I posited the same objection, that conspiracy theories imply a level of competence in authorites which is clearly in excess of that which they possess.

    He replied immediately that this supposed incompetence is mere show to fool the masses. I groaned and thought furiously of escape.

  9. One Man Says:

    Big businesses are coming, Thank you guys for voting yes.


  10. Conal Says:


  11. NO Says:

    NO……. I asked for ketchup

  12. Paul Says:

    There’s an awful lot of information in the world, enough to build into whatever interesting picture you want, if you stare at it for long enough. Conspiracy theorists are people with either (a) too much free time or (b) overactive meaning-making skills. The world is run by cock-up not conspiracy. Don’t get me started on the whole “swine flu is designed to kill large numbers of the underclass” brigade.

  13. El Kid Says:

    If I was a kid I’d be straight onto Google for “swine flu symptoms”… Easiest week off school ever!

  14. 911 Truth Says:

    No 1s been blamed for 911. The FBI confirms there’s no evidence linking 911 to Bin Laden, the guy every 1 said did it.
    The $600,000 investigation of 3000 people dying in 911 WAS PATHETIC.
    And now we’re in a horrible war with for no reason, our liberties have been stripped, the gov tortures, and now we’re about to attack iran out of pure paranoia.

  15. Eoin Says:

    @ One Man – you don’t know if/how anyone on here voted.

    @ Andrew S. / Paul – yes, one lesson I’ve learned over the last couple of days is that there’s definitely no point in trying to reason with these people.

    @ EK – my mother is a primary teacher and I was just thinking the same thing. Man I’d be down with swine flu faster than Bernard Dunne at the O2…

  16. friend Says:

    911 was the springboard for everything that has happened since. terror! friends it is going to be hard in this country from here on out. “UN Agenda 21” michael shaw. search on youtube. God bless.

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