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Nazis, Christy Moore, reality TV, Charlie Haughey as Antonius Block and the true story of how I bested a Professor of Thermonuclear Physics live on national radio… Yip, this is quite possibly my favourite thing I ever wrote.The photograph, admittedly, has got fuck all to do with anything. (Hey, you try finding something on Google Image that references Christy Moore, the Nazis, reality TV and/or Charlie Haughey…) This is the Ballyhaunis U-10 team, circa-1989. People who know what I look like, but aren’t from Ballyhaunis, are welcome to guess which of these handsome young bucks is me.

September 21st, 2009.


  1. Adrian Russell Says:

    I’m gonna say you’re the chap in the blue nicks and the classic orange and black gloves.

    I can’t remember what they were called, Micka or something. if you got them wet once, they would never again be dry.

  2. Matt Says:

    I’d say fifth from left, bottom row

  3. Alison Says:

    Such a sensitive young man even that age… blue shorts top row

  4. golden graham Says:

    Last on the right top row, uh-huh, yeah?

  5. El Kid Says:

    This would be a lot easier if one of them were bald..

  6. jose Says:

    holy shit! you look the same! kind of. you still fold your arms the same way

  7. Eoin Says:

    As in my sister Josie?? If so, do you recognise the lad to my right (our left) in that picture??

  8. sean Says:

    I was going to say the guy in the Mayo jersey but then the Ballyhanis under tens probably all from Mayo so…no idea!

  9. Eoin Says:

    Well rationalised there, Sean.

    Actually, Adrian actually got this one correct on the very first go (which is quite amazing since I don’t think we’ve even met!)

    Look at the head of hair on me. Lustrous. Its a tragedy really, not just for me but for hair itself.

  10. Cormac Says:

    Is that you between Joe Freely and Don Regan. Failing that, are you Karl Mac looking guy beside Paddy O’Dwyer?

  11. Eoin Says:

    Are you joking? (Please say yes!)

  12. clare Says:

    joanne i don’t think would be on the internet during the day. Is that guy shay walsh?

  13. Eoin Says:

    Oh, for the love of God. Shay Walsh is in the black jersey. And Josie isn’t in college today, she’s over in Una’s. And, on second thoughts, this is probably a conversation we should be having by email….

  14. Colin Says:

    You could have been the Derek Zoolander of Ireland with that hair. You actually look like you can play football, so sad, yer the Samson of the G.A.A.

    I too had a pair of those gloves, and agree with Adrian’s comment, they seemed capable of sucking up the moisture in the air, for a 3 mile radius.

  15. Eoin Says:

    Yeah, Adrian is right about the gloves.

    Also there weren’t too many sets of jerseys in the club at the time, so it wasn’t uncommon for the u-10s and u-12s to get given jerseys that had been worn by under 16 or minors the previous evening, and had been sitting in a black plastic bag ever since.

    Some memorable odours, I can tell you.

  16. fintan mezz Says:

    I just typed “Christy Moore, the Nazis, reality TV and/or Charlie Haughey” (without the quote marks) into Google Image and got this-


    -for some reason

  17. Green Of Eye Says:

    Agggggh.Flashbacks.Am i right in saying there’s a Higgins brother there as well? Can’t remember if it was Keith or Pierce.The oul memory ain’t what it used to be

  18. Eoin Says:

    No there isn’t, Pierce would have been two years older than us and Keith five or six years younger!

  19. Albinicus Says:

    Mayo Association BBQ in Dubin. Only €25 membership, my God who knew such a thing existed


  20. Eoin Says:

    €25 for lifetime membership, can’t say fairer than that!

  21. Conal Says:

    Did you go?

  22. Joe Freeley Says:

    Ha ha Eoin, that photo is priceless!

  23. Eoin Says:

    I’ve another even better one of us at half time Joe – Niall Tighe is throwing a bit of a strop. Great photo – no idea who took it.

  24. Spuddy Says:

    Brillant photo, just saw it on facebook.
    I remember the day that photo was taken, it was about 2pm on a sunday….I always remember…’mass first and then football’!!!!
    P.s. love the website!

  25. Eoin Says:

    Cheers Spuddy, it seems like only yesterday. Well, last year maybe. This is the full line up as I recall (just posted it on Joe’s Facebook page)…

    Back row: David Murphy, Paddy O’Dwyer, Karl McManus, Robert Morley, James McGarry, me, Shay Walsh, David Murphy II (lookin over his shoulder), Niall Tighe, Nathan Murphy, Sean Hunt, Joe Rochford, Mark O’Sullivan, Simon McCaff, Spuddy Murphy, Michael Regan

    Front row: Padraig Moran, Alan(?) Kelly, Alan Regan, Paul Webb, Choo Webb, Micheal Walsh, Karl Lyons, Padraig Murphy, Seamus Lundon, Joe Freely, Joe Rochford’s brother (can’t remember his first name), Don Regan, Michael Dillon

  26. Joe Freeley Says:

    You will have to show us that other photo! Spuddy is right, mass then football…was a lot easier get up and play a match at 12 on a sunday those days!

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