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Miscellaneous Amusing Items I Come Across #47

Oddly sinister use of quotation marks at a cafe my sister happened upon in Cork. Why do I get the impression that dishes are served with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

October 18th, 2010.

7 Responses to “Miscellaneous Amusing Items I Come Across #47”

  1. Rachel Allen Says:

    In Cork unattributed quotation marks, are automatically attributed to Roy Keane. So “LUNCH” is whatever Roy Keane has had for Lunch that day. Initially the concept was a success, but the whole thing ended in a “BLOODBATH” the day Roy Keane walked in and ordered “LUNCH”

  2. CrazyForker Says:

    Reminds me of this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fHD8QQXo_s

  3. Lisa Says:

    Eoin! You have “no” idea of the hours I’ve spent puzzling over quotation marks in odd places. My two favourite ones include:

    – A notice that there’d be a “free” bus at the end of the Dunedin Marathon to take competitors back into town. Didn’t know if I needed to bring money along or not after all.

    – A sign up for a “coffee” morning at the local Methodist Church. (You know what we really mean baby…)

  4. Eoin Says:

    @ Rachel – that would have caused a paradox that could have collapsed the universe (what film am I thinking of again?)

    @ CF – Made it all the way to the 4:21 mark… But why was I watching that again?

    @ Lisa – Come on. Which of us hasn’t at some point used the old, hey baby, wanna come back to my “Methodist Church” for “coffee” routine?

  5. Lisa Says:

    True! Let he who is without “sin” cast the first “stone” and all that…

  6. donal og Says:

    You shoudld do a ‘miscellaneous amusing items I have come across’ Cork special. Two minutes out the door and you’ll have enough material to last you a year. Mad as a bag of frogs down here.

  7. Eoin Says:

    @ Dan Og – Send us in a few pictures sure!

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