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Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #34

In Ballyhaunis for my mother’s birthday. I brought her out for dinner in Claremorris. It doesn’t much swankier than that. Have to head to back up to Dublin today to cover a camper van jamboree that’s going on in Louth over the weekend. It’s really a shame because, when it comes to bank holiday action, there’s nowhere else even at the races…
disco bar
The Mock Wedding will feature a special guest appearance by a runner-up from the All Ireland Talent Show. Also, the sexy dancer’s secret YMCA message reads: XHPYDYKI. Which is Ukrainian for, “Help, I’m being forced to dance in a tacky disco bar in Ballyhaunis. The Albanians have taken my passport. Please send for help…”

April 30th, 2010.

10 Responses to “Miscellaneous Amusing Items I’ve Come Across #34”

  1. Savana Says:

    I hear there will be mock sandwiches and refreshments available, followed by mock band and dodgy dancing.

  2. gueuleton Says:

    What on earth is a mock wedding? Are both parties aware it’s a mock wedding or does one party think it’s alll legit?

  3. Colin Says:

    Wonder if the mock wedding comes with an hour mass, 40 odd minutes of speeches and a free drink.

    Is Fire really a new hot spot or just Midas with another lick of paint?

  4. Eoin Says:

    No Colin, Midas (a.k.a. Monsoon) is gone since after Christmas. It was a bit like the death of Tito. On the one hand it’s time had long since passed. On the other, one shuddered to think what might follow in it’s wake…

  5. leeona Says:

    I was in midas at easter……

  6. Eoin Says:

    @ leeona – they probably heard you were coming home!

  7. harry Says:

    Eoin, I noticed you stopped taking comments about Ian O’Doherty but you have to see this. On Monday he said this

    “After all, who wants to live in a world where chicks with massive hooters aren’t celebrated?”

    By Friday he said

    “After all, when look at the shelf above The Sun in your local newsagents and leer at the likes of Nuts and Zoo, that’s where you’ll find some of the worst elements of the male psyche and attitude towards women.”

  8. harry Says:

    Sorry for hogging thread but fifty squid also says this is O’Doherty’s next scoop


  9. Ballyhaunis Blogger Says:

    The Monsoon is still going strong here in Ballyhaunis. No shortage of under age drinkers to fall over each other and fight.
    Why could you not take your mother to one of the fine dining places in Ballyhaunis?
    They do a good all day breakfast in the Cosy Cup. 🙂

  10. Eoin Says:

    @ Ballyhaunis Blogger – I thought they said at Christmas that it was going to be the last Christmas ever. Oh well, I suppose they say that every year.

    Re: Cosy Cup. Hey, we’re regular patrons there. But I didn’t come all the way home to buy my mother a panini!

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