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Miscellaneous nostalgic items I come across #58

By a cunning process of elimination, I’ve deduced that I illustrated this headboard when I was in late second or early third year i.e. some time after the release of Suede’s debut album in March 1993 (I’ve clearly copied the Suede logo) but before the release of Pulp’s His n’ Hers in April 1994 (or else that surely would have figured.)

I’m not sure how much peyote was floating around Ballyhaunis in the mid-nineties, but I had (until now) blotted out all memory of having ever liked The Doors.EDIT: Another clue to the date here is what’s missing. (“The dog that didn’t bark in the night”, as Arthur Conan Doyle might put it). In 1991/92, after the release of Nevermind, Nirvana were my favourite band in the entire world ever. But by 1993, I’d kinda gone off them. It wasn’t until Kurt died in April 1994 that I suddenly remembered they were still my favourite band in the entire world ever, and that I’d always liked them even when other people said they were shit.

September 24th, 2011.

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  1. Ferg Says:

    Surely The Prodigy would have been in Haunis by 1993?!

  2. Alan Says:

    The Cure logo is from Wish album which was also

  3. Eoin Says:

    @ Ferg – So was Meatloaf. Didn’t earn ’em a spot on my headboard of fame.

  4. Eoin Says:

    @ Alan – Yes, well spotted.

  5. whats the longest alias possible on this i was thinking JMSE after the crowd in croke park but i'm not sure.this is ferociously long story indeed my i say at the outset i enjoyed your piece too.piece.ah yeah this is probably too long.anyway.so what like.i Says:


    good piece yeah a patch literally and figuaritivfly,well hup!*

    come over the top of the ledge

    dat bpth literally and figuartively marck o donnell cant write a review without mentioninh david foster wallace and he wrote ya joiding or get roid.some sentence from hell showed up i cant begin to consult my phone or lost best shirt/.lost felix aivbvvbgsnyuvds.kvsknv

    flann was the holy ghost are you fucking serious?ing or some horrible shit like thas

    when you read attenshun.


    i could not believe it avid is the fucking holy ghost i will be laying it seige i must get

    there will be more i have to drink i had to come and get the phone and orderdrink listen to this dont be a chile all y life at this stage i typing without looking up.

    ii suppose 2 wishes not world peace

    im only in the door now ill mo out the door like a dressage pony ill write it all need money goan sending texts then then tghen i must


    peace to you butler peace but i have arms arms like a big stud thats niot the ucking asterix yeah i m going to raze hell now big style i got no money fuck off words

    its just all man

    twbb killer.

    my jaw and hands are coming up pink cloud!

  6. Pluck Says:

    Pure 3rd year music right enough-strange thing is a lot of people are slow to grow outta this kind of stuff – its some kinda arrested development. I mean the Doors? Grand,for the summer of your Junior Cert but thats about it.

  7. Dermot Says:

    I’d be more impressed with your detective work on the precise 1992/1993 dates than I am with the caligraphy. Happy Mondays is a bit of a mess no offense.

  8. Eoin Says:

    @ Dan – I think you’re referring to this Flann O’Brien piece by my friend Mark O’Connell. Beyond that, I wouldn’t hazard to guess.


    @ Pluck – In my defence, there was no internet, no MTV, no radio (beyond one hour of Dave Fanning a night) where I might possibly hear anything beyond chart shite in Ballyhaunis in those days.

    @ Dermot – More detective work above (see edit).

  9. whats the longest alias possible on this i was thinking JMSE after the crowd in croke park but i'm not sure.this is ferociously long story indeed my i say at the outset i enjoyed your piece too.piece.ah yeah this is probably too long.anyway.so what like.i Says:

    yeah thats- it alright ah i couldnt very well write into the new yorker and say this fella is after writing that flann is the holy ghost i have read that in twenty different papers so far.they are all saying it.i was disapponinted is all i’ll say.
    felix urhghg7uugh is from the odd copule and there was a bit of serendipity with the gerald (my name is dan not danil) depardieu line.but.


    yeas,that was all the rage that time i remember it well,every fella indoctrinated,,tapes and tapes of fanning all distinct,think ill bring this one today you’d say,might actually bring a few tapes to school-dont blame me,this is what passes for writing on the internet these days.i remember once he played an instrumental-so i yes good id like to know the name a that tune.

    why did the cure fans always resurface to pick a forest during the fab fifty and then they’d fuck off again for another year.baden baden.

    but yeah so needless to say fanning never identified the song so i wrote in i says give me the playlist.says he’d no playlist.didnt bother listening the next night knowing it’d be all yap yap.i remember and when he heard mbv loveless that was a special moment in fanning’s life alright-did a woman walk in and hold his hand and make him dizzy-was it ursala?was it someone else?and rollerskate skinny trying to tell people it was a great tune when it was cat.
    albert ayler started calling himself that i thinks thats where they got it,holy ghost,might be a precedent for it somewhere else too.there is a good line in there somewhere,i fluffed it lit/fig

    also beckett is the son-now lookit read a nice bit of beckett-i taped endgame when it was on telly that time i am well able to talk about clov and whatever else and a fella tying himself to a chair because he liked it-the lattin references mein gott!
    this is not the 100th anniversary of flann lads-this is the inagural beckett is fairly shit when you look at it i mean come on year.
    1.calls himself sam.
    2.good curser the odd good line.
    2(a) an innovator takes the initiative like barry john keane,oh no?
    3.takes a great photo.or does he-who is this spa-i’m not drunk i wont open my mouth to the clown leave me at him.
    3 of cousre if it was barry john kelleragh ffrench that’d be grand-right just wanted to know where i stand.
    3.see oh no? is like a face,the stage in endgame is a face-i know you don’t give a fuck either do i that’s what i’m saying.
    4.pal of joyce turned down the daughter-the unemployed son.
    5.some sort of trope,hasn’t he a great face though dan-beckett though-powerful.
    bad there that was bad
    this is fairly coherent from a man who was out the weekend.

    anyway back to the headboard-i would rather not go back to the head board. theres too many bands written on it.when you cycle by,i pull out my phone of darlin are you in bed with the radio on,and talking to yourself in that big bed oohllalal
    ive nothing to contribute really,primal scream god almighty,out sthandin.big gap in the middle too,who would fill in the gaps?ive a long day i need fresh air no pun intented,bless us al.various quips and sallies

    fuck you hators.

  10. Alison Says:

    No offense is the person commenting above nuts or just illiterate ??

  11. whats the longest alias possible on this i was thinking JMSE after the crowd in croke park but i'm not sure.this is ferociously long story indeed my i say at the outset i enjoyed your piece too.piece.ah yeah this is probably too long.anyway.so what like.i Says:

    I am not nuts or illiterate,just an unsuccessful man railing on the internet thinking he’s great.it’s what i’d like to read.

    In ten years i have not been sober after five o clock in Dublin.how could you be expected to understand that,the disgust in a person.

    woman you and i are from diferent worlds i can imagine what you are like,it is not hard i won’t bother-
    you don’t know who kurt vonnegut is but would definitely be interested
    you give nothing to charity
    you can’t dress yourself properly
    have several friends
    unfeeling wench-now is too late!
    best days are still ahead etc etc
    will probably see drive if you haven’t seen it already as it’s your kind of film but not with who you’d want to-not with the imperious jessica.
    you are lottie ryan.
    come on now think again.

    that’s not the life for me and plenty others,no sir.
    don’t see things that way.
    go into dtones spend ten mins and come out with two black puddings and a litre of milk
    wonder what that says
    it says nothing dan
    nothing all that freudian imagery stuff thats all wrong altho his theory on medusa is faaantastic.

    you see people are either happy or their not that’s all you need to know.
    a happy person will eat porridge and enjoy the week thats in it for the week thats in it.
    another man would eat nothing but porridge for the week.
    i went into dunnes and walked out after ten minutes with two black puddings!
    should have bought mushrooms as well.
    the ploughing championship.
    did you know the fathers favourite will be the youngest daughter and the mother’s the eldest son.
    if you didn’t already figure that out of course,well i’d say stop now.

    its not really trolling i’m doing it’s something more akin to a fungus.
    terrible when you have to do all the thinking.
    akin to a fungus.


    the doors of perception things will apear to man as they truly are-infinite.

    which brings me on to kant.maybe metaphysics died with kant im not sure nobody knows.
    anyway hume used
    oh you know,well skip ahead to the end as is your want.
    go on about an infinitely small thing and say imagine that so ..it’d be a tiny pebble
    and then he’d subdivide it and do that five times
    is it friday or saturday?
    but you’d have the same pebble you couldn’t see it-same with time you’d come out with a newtonian universe in a bigger or smaller one ad infinitum.
    anyway kant took this idea arwi

    so he came out with it that if that was the case you probably couldn’t conceive of anything in more than three dimensions and there was no getting around it.you had the three dimensions and time and that was all your brain would allow you.
    so now so.if we had a different brain we’d probably be seeing entirely different things.
    that machine in cern is fawlty but how can you build another one its not a bunsen burner.

    people could put me in the vonnegut camp for that-or the saint augustine camp which comes later.
    that night at the ufo club was an odd one-did you know i understand how dreams work did i ever tell you this one?


    apparently if you blast a fella(some music fans of i was blasting the new 12″ split lp from synapse social club,vampires hast there this morning it’s very good)
    some people look like myspace lists then of course.but anyway.oh yeah.

    they’d show you some images with a projector and see what you could remember and the ones you’d forget would show up in your dreams like that squid bob geldof was on about.and you’re brain will be working all night so it’ll fire a few out and you’ll make a story because you live in the world.of the dreams.and then you’ll look for meaning or use it to try and rile your husband or confuse and rile your son.

    a course the doors never mentioned this.jim morrison was only all about nietzsche,who’s having a comeback but did he ever go away?
    so are mahler and gil evans funnily enough,you’re man in the wire liked mahler he said.


    you have to bend to world to your needs like whats called a omegamale or something,greenberg.
    but failing that you have to co opt into the world and start hiding what you’re really thinking or be a loser forever.
    where do you go i wonder-not to work or on holidays
    im creaming about 350pw at the moment with a gas and electricity fiddle and college grant will get me e6,100 bonus but still.some people have no humanity.
    some people its all competition with them,there are plenty nice people i don’t care this is no kind of life i might move to tahiti like marlon brando that time.


    SHEEN i thought i’d find you here(juxtapose paddywhackery here ie hoppers hopping mad below did you hide the fags on him or something he’s gone to the twenty four hour with only eight euro)
    BRANDO I asked him to run to laos the last day and get me crunchy nut cornflakes and he came back with twenty benson and hedges
    SHEEN Dennis Gorta Hopper,the prick you shouldn’t have given him a tenner
    SHEEN would you not fall on your sword and document you’re dying thoughts or something
    BRANDO a bit late for that now i have a doors tape here when it gets loud i want you to stab me
    SHEEN grand-through the neck is probably the best for me

    The End.

  12. Eoin Says:

    Fuck the begrudgers, Dan. Also maybe get help for the booze if its really that bad.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Love this. I had many homework notebooks and school copies emblazoned with much of the same.

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