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Name That Tune!

It’s a track by a legendary north of England band. The photo is the clue. All entries must be in by 1pm. The lucky winner gets four weekend camping tickets to the Electric Picnic, backstage passes, €2,000 spending money, helicopter transfer to the site and a massive pile of drugs. Okay, there might not actually be a prize. P.S. The computer owner isn’t necessarily male.

August 4th, 2010.

32 Responses to “Name That Tune!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Missy Elliot – Lose Control?

  2. Eoin Says:

    ‘Lose Control’ – James

  3. Mark Says:

    The band is the unjustly critically-neglected Light House Family, and the song is their breezy summer hit ”***’s **** *******”.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Out of Control – Chemical Brothers

  5. Lisa Says:

    (I know they’re not technically *from* the North of England but they went to college there, came to musical maturity there etc)

  6. Neal Says:

    The song is ***’* **** ******* by *** ********, and I claim my prize!

  7. Dolly Says:

    Me Alt-Tab Keys Buggered (Cripes Me Sheila Has Caught Me Watching Porn Again) by Rolf Harris

  8. David Says:

    Um, ***’* **** *******l by *** ********?

  9. John Braine Says:

    For a runner up I’d also like to nominate DBX – losing control.

  10. fiona Says:

    Standing in the Way of Control?

  11. Denise Says:

    “The computer owner isn’t necessarily male”….

    Really living in a feminist utopia here, aren’t we?

  12. darragh Says:

    ***’* **** ******* – *** ********

  13. Lovely Horse Says:

    My Keyboard is Missiing a Button by by Nin Huegen and the Huegenotes

  14. Adrian Russell Says:

    ***’* **** ******* – *** *******

  15. Eoin Says:

    Announcement imminent… The Internet has just gone down here for a second.

  16. Eoin Says:

    Okay, first person to get the song title right was Mark. Unfortunately, he made the classic mistake of mixing up Joy Division and the Lighthouse Family. (I’ll never forget the time I interviewed Peter Hook and blabbed on and on about how much I loved Lifted and Ocean Drive.)

    Neal got both song title and band name correct. But he’s my first cousin and if he’d read the small print (pretty much invisible to the naked eye) he’d see that family members are prohibited from entering.

    So that means our winner is “technical writer, West Ham fan, CD buyer and inept fixie rider” David. Keep riding those fixies, David (whatever that means.)

    Congratulations also to Darragh, many time champion Adrian and (via Twitter) @storkboy who basically just added up the asterixes to work out that the correct answer is She’s Lost Control by Joy Division.

    Apologies to Denise for offending her feminist sensibilities – of course women can own computers *undermybreath* for now at least MOOOOhahahahaha….

    Lisa – I’m not sure they reached musical maturity until the release of their critically acclaimed Further album earlier this year. Otherwise good answer. You finish a strong fifteenth. No shame in that.

    John – You take second prize so. That’s one ticket to EP, €1,000 spending money, a sachet of drugs and a helicopter with enough fuel to take you halfway to the site and then crash into a field.

  17. mary Says:

    “she’s lost control’ by joy division?!

  18. mary Says:

    errr a bit late there, sorry about that!

  19. Eoin Says:

    Just out by a whisker there, sorry Mary!

  20. Eoin Says:

    Also, David has been in touch via Twitter to let me know that this is what a Fixie is:


  21. gueuleton Says:

    @ Denise – The correct term for a woman using a computer keyboard is “typist”, is it not….

  22. Lisa Says:

    Humph. I’ll consider it a moral victory.

  23. Eoin Says:

    That’s the spirit!

  24. Lisa Says:

    Would have been a pretty epic helicopter transfer to EP anyway from down here…

  25. Eoin Says:

    From New Zealand, yes, I hadn’t thought of that. I’d have had to arrange for some of that inflight refuelling. Christ, it’d have run to a few pound alright. And to think I was almost going to allow your “musical maturity” argument stand….

  26. Lisa Says:

    Yes in interest of global warming I’ll graciously concede defeat.

    I see you’re now billing yourself as a “writer, journalist and outdoorsman” by the way? Is this the new thing? One or two of those outdoorsy types round these parts as well…

  27. Eoin Says:

    Yeah, I went camping a few weeks ago. Collected firewood. Made a fire. Slept in a sleeping bag. Fuck it, I figured that qualified me. (Referred to here.)

  28. Lisa Says:

    Absolutely. The lure of the great outdoors, the call of the wild, rekindling the primal instincts and all that.

  29. Colin Says:

    @Eoin: the iPhone was your swiss army knife on the trip. Entertainment centre and GPS map.

    Next time download the anti-midge app ahead of time.

  30. Eoin Says:

    Dude, I can’t even talk about the shit we endured, midge-wise. It was like the Vietnam of midges. You had to be there to understand.

  31. Colin Says:

    @Eoin: Aye, it was rough when we were airlifted out but had left Johnny behind to suffer his fate to those damn dirty midges.

    Still wake up at night in cold sweats, screaming… it never leaves us… never…

  32. Eoin Says:

    @ Colin – I keep having this dream where I wake up in a tent and Anto isn’t there anymore. That’s when I realise… THE MIDGES HAVE EATEN ANTO!!

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